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Watercolor Wednesday

My plate from Friendsgiving last Saturday, all of my favorites! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, a biscuit and gravy. Delicious and pretty!

And a beautiful watercolor version, too.

Which do you prefer? And what will be on your plate tomorrow?

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  1. I definitely load up on Mom’s dressing. I think because we only have it once a year. And I want lots of crispy bits to stand up to the gravy. Because if you’re going to enjoy some calorie laden goodness it should be exactly the way you like it.

    And I’m so grateful for a life where I can hope for my food to be the way I like it instead of hoping for food at all.

  2. Both photos are nice, but I think I prefer the real thing! A little bit of everything will be on my plate tomorrow (but none of it touching anything else)!

  3. I’m with Bonny – the real thing is a work of art! but everything will be touching everything else on my plate tomorrow 😉

  4. Everything will be touching on my plate too! I can’t wait for that mashed potato, butternut squash, gravy, stuffing mash-up! Have a wonderful day Carole!

  5. I’ve already eaten my Thanksgiving meal . . . and it was great. All of it. And all touching. (And my favorite is cranberries.) (No. Maybe stuffing.) I can never decide. . .

  6. Where are the sweet potatoes? Haha! It took me ‘til age 30 to touch one. I’m with the commenters who prefer photograph one. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

  7. When it comes to food, I prefer the real thing, and I am going to have so many things on my plate that I am ashamed to say! The cook will get her rewards tomorrow. I hope you have a wonderful and love-filled Thanksgiving, Carole.

  8. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! We also celebrated on Saturday because both of our kids are now out of town, but we are going out tomorrow with a friend. Your plate though looked pretty much like mine with the exception of the biscuit; I had cranberry bread. Yum!

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