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Thanksgiving Weekending

It seems to me that the longer a weekend is the faster it goes. AmIRight?

Or maybe it’s just because we cram so much fun, family, and food into a weekend that it flies by?

I’ll show you photos and you decide.

There was pie baking.

And a fabulous turkey dinner with friends and family.

This year’s pumpkin pie. I saw this turkey decoration on Instagram and had to try it myself. I baked the pie for a while before adding the turkey and was worried that I didn’t bake it for long enough but it was actually perfectly cooked. My favorite, too!

There was Christmas decorating. I hemmed and hawed about doing it on Friday and Dale looked at me and said, “let’s just do it!” That little push was all I needed and between the two of us we got the bulk of it done.

We rewarded ourselves with oysters and cocktails and beer at a local restaurant.

On Saturday there was Thanksmas, our Thanksgiving/Christmas mash up with our kids. We completely switched up the menu this year, focusing on the Christmas food rather than the Thanksgiving food and it was a huge success, mostly because we all love Swedish meatballs and macaroni & cheese.

All too soon it was Sunday night. We noshed on some leftover meatballs and eggs, enjoying the football game we taped and the Christmas tree we set up but didn’t decorate yet.

How was your weekend?

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  1. First, there’s a lot to like about a woman that owns such a prestigious collection of pie plates. 😉

    A lit Christmas tree not yet decorated is a charming solution for getting a jump on the season without potentially wearing out the special joy of a decorated tree.

  2. It all sounds very nice!
    We have, sacrilegious as it sounds, sometimes let the tree with its lights be “good enough!”

  3. What a great weekend Carole! And yes…way too fast! Our big outside wreath went up and a poinsettia has been purchased but Christmas hasn’t really happened yet. Though the tree is in the yard and the exercise instructor was playing Christmas music this morning!

  4. What a wonderful weekend. (I think you may need a weekend . . . to recuperate from your weekend!) I love your turkey pumpkin pie. 🙂 I’m always tempted to just leave the tree without ornaments. I think simple trees with just lights are beautiful! XO

  5. I love your pie! I can’t wait for my weekend to be OVER! My guest leave in an hour and I will get my house back. It will be heaven, although it was wonderful to have them here.

  6. The food, the decorating, the tree, etc. all look wonderful, but I’m also impressed by all the pie plates (especially that one on top)!

  7. Like many others, I would consider just leaving the tree as is. It’s lovely that way! Your pie was just terrific, Carole, I would have hated to cut it until I thought about eating it. We had a lovely weekend, and we just finished the leftovers. If only they could have lasted a few more days…

  8. yum… looks delicious! LOVE the family photo from Thanksmas and the sneak peek at Christmas decor. (also, we had mac and cheese for Thanksgiving – “more cheese”! – and everyone agreed it was the best side 🙂

  9. Yes – days filled with family, friends, and good food go by way too quickly. The pie looks delicious. No decorating here – yet.

  10. It’s taking me a while to get caught up on on the blog posts, but your turkey pie is ADORABLE. Love that y’all mixed up the menu-a good idea for next year cause you can never go wrong with mac and cheese.

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