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We had a super Christmas-y weekend here at Carole Knits!

There was apple pie made by me. I call this, with apologies to Vincent Van Gogh (and Don MacLean) Starry Starry Pie.

There was our annual Christmas on the Common event, complete with parade. I marched with the Board of Selectmen and that’s just so much fun! I love waving and smiling and wishing everyone a Merry Christmas. I also love Santa and Mrs. Clause. Just like in Elf, I KNOW HIM!

Jackie had a ball at the parade. I ran over to kiss him as I was marching and when we got to the end of the route I doubled back to watch the rest of the parade with my family. It was cold but not too cold and just a really great experience.

After the parade we walked around the Town Common, checking out the trees that were entered in the annual tree decorating contest. Dale and Hannah are posing with the tree he did with his Civil War Roundtable group. He didn’t win (I mean, it would look really bad for the President of Kiwanis to win his own contest) but his tree was great – as were so many of the others.

Saturday evening we had a dinner party for 12 at our house. It’s a great way to wind down with some of our fellow Kiwanians, rehashing the event and relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. And, while 12 is a little daunting, everyone brought something and helped out and even though we were squeezed into my dining room no one complained a bit. That could be because I kept the wine flowing but I think it’s mostly because what matters is being together, not having the perfect dining room.

Sunday was a day of catching up and resting. I started my Peace Project. Dale scratched the lottery tickets that he won on Saturday. We watched football.

It was really a wonderful weekend, hope yours was, too!

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  1. Everything that mattered was there. (And smashing people together around a dining room table ends up being MORE fun.)

  2. If it’s a good group squeezing in a few more at the table never hurts. Plus, a meal where everyone contributes always has something new and delicious to discover.

  3. That sounds like a delightful weekend!! I think I’ll be taking some kiddos to our local Christmas parade tomorrow night!

  4. As always, sounds like a lot of fun at Carole knits. I think you have more fun when people are tight at the table. It’s less formal, encourages conversation, and you get to eat other people’s food.

  5. That does sound like the the perfect early December weekend, Carole! Outside, indoors, family, friends and good food (and knitting)!

  6. Twelve for dinner sounds a little daunting to me, but I’m sure you carried it off brilliantly! (Mr. & Mrs. Claus look so young!)

  7. What a fantastic weekend! I don’t mind the cold when it’s dry and not too breezy especially when I have cute knits to wear.

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