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Tiny Person Tuesday

Remember that photo of Jackie with the naughty pillow and innocent expression?

Remember how I told you the pillow does not lie?

Take a look at this photo and you’ll know what I mean.

Naughty, right?

Okay, not really. Last Friday I had Jackie for the afternoon, as I often do, and the plan was to keep him until it was time for Dale and I to head out to his work Christmas party. I was standing at the sink doing my make up and Jack was toddling about between the bathroom, where I was, and the living room, where Dale was. I sort of knew he was behind me and then I realized he was really quiet. That’s when I turned around and saw him heading out of the bathroom, pulling the end of the roll of toilet paper with him.

I know I should have taken it away from him but I didn’t. I laughed. And called Dale over. And then we both laughed. And I took a photo and sent it to his mama.

Grandkids are so much more fun than regular kids!

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  1. I think it is irresistable to tug on that roll, after all, think of all the things that could happen! I had a dog that liked to do that, (I am not comparing Jackie to a dog, Carole) and it always made me laugh out loud. It is easy to clean up, and it’s great fun for Jackie. You and Dale are great grandparents. He is a lucky boy.

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