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A Month of Photos (and Video) December 2018

How about I shake things up this month and put the 1SE video first followed by the photo mosaic? Living on the edge, I tell ya.

So much fun and joy in December means that January has a tough act to follow.

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  1. I hope we’ll see plenty of Jack in January, but I don’t know if January can match December in the food department!

  2. January is always so bleak . . . and especially so after a holly, jolly holiday season. (Jackie in the elf suit just gets me every time!) XO

  3. It’s always good to shake things up just a bit! I agree January can be a slow, chilly month with lots of rain and sometimes wind here.

  4. January may lack in the baked goods and Christmas red departments, but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of ways to fill it with good food, friends and little Jackie!

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