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There was more to the weekend than the Super Bowl, epic as that was.

There were Friday Night Snacks. Now with lights! I saw that little strand of Friyay lights at Home Goods and for $5 I just couldn’t resist – mostly because I wanted to share it with you!

There was a fun night out at a fundraiser on Saturday. Dale’s band was performing and we gathered up our friends and had a grand old time, dancing and laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Doreen and Mark spent the night so that they could watch the Super Bowl with us – a three year tradition now. We had a delicious breakfast to start our day.

We played Racko and feasted on jumbo shrimp while we waited for the game to start.

I made chicken wings and chili, as I said I would, but I also made this great veggie platter to counteract all the unhealthy components of the day.

Jo-Ann and Doreen made contributions, too. Aren’t these football brownies adorable? They were fudgy and chocolate-y and delicious!

And that’s the weekend that was.

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  1. You should be a food stylist, Carole. Your food photos are always perfect! Looks like a perfect weekend with friends, food, and plenty to celebrate. I hope the rest of your week goes this well!

  2. Now that football I’ll have to come up with another excuse for all the yummy “hearty” snacks!

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