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Three On Thursday

Ready for a laugh? I’ve had quite a week so I sure am! And guess what? I’ve got three for you!

I am so not a phone person. And yet, since this whole politician thing, I spend a lot of time on the phone. I’m adjusting but still . . . text me instead of calling if at all possible.

I hope Dale is laughing at this one. It definitely hits close to home because when I’m reading . . . DO NOT talk to me.


Hope you got some laughs out of these. If you wrote a post for today please include your link below and thanks for playing along!

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  1. That phone thing is definitely my adorable husband. He was pretty excited to discover texting when we got him a smart phone. Sadly, he works on a secure campus in a 1950s era concrete building so texting is hit and miss for signal.

  2. I especially like that second one! A three-book weekend sounds heavenly (and not speaking on the phone also sounds pretty good).

  3. I laughed (and I hope Dale did too!) at the 3-book weekend! Ahhh! That does sound lovely – and yes, no talking while i am reading!

  4. I really dislike being available 24/7, and most of my friends/family would tell you I’m not – LOL. I do not carry my phone around with me. I don’t like being bothered while reading, especially by the phone! As I get older (and older), I find there are so many things that I cannot do anymore, I try not to think of it too much. I try to concentrate on the things I can still do instead. I hope your week gets better, and you have lots of laughs starting today.

  5. I’m going on vacation tomorrow and would love a three book vaca! We’re traveling with another couple so we’ll see! Thanks for the laughs today Carole.

  6. OMG, I hate talking on the phone. The advent of text messaging was such a good thing for me. I will gladly text someone anytime instead of calling!

  7. Still laughing at your post! The best time to ask our mom something she might not agree to was when she was reading as the answer was always “yes”! And I can remember trying a somersault years ago that didn’t work so well; can’t even imagine trying that now.

  8. Love! And I’ve had a week that could use some humor, too. So thanks for that! (And, yeah. Cartwheels. When I was about 14, I decided that when I was “old” — like, you know, 20 – I would start turning a cartwheel on every birthday. There comes a definite time – for me it was 38 – that cartwheels are kind of . . . not such a great idea anymore.) (Ha!)

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