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Three On Thursday

Today I’m going to share with you three things that Dale did while I was out of town last weekend. Usually when I’m gone he has to work with the band or he’s got other commitments but this time he was largely on his own and he chose to spend his time in some pretty special ways so I thought you might like to hear about that.

  1. He spent Friday evening with Hannah. She came over after work and they had dinner and then they watched the movie Gettysburg. Now. Gettysburg is probably Dale’s favorite movie in the whole world. He generally watches parts of it every July on the anniversary of the battle but it’s rare for anyone else to watch it with him. It’s super long, for one. And, for another, we’ve all seen it many, many times. It surprised me when Dale told me that Hannah was the one who suggested they watch it together. She said she hadn’t actually watched it in it’s entirety since she was a kid and she thought it would be great fun to view it with her dad. Turns out she was right. They watched and quoted parts they remembered (Dale can probably recite all of the dialogue from start to finish) and they played our Gettysburg Drinking Game (you have to drink whenever they say the word “ground” and there’s a scene where they say ground about 10 times in 5 minutes.) And of course they fell asleep before it was over. That was okay, though, because Hannah had planned on spending the night. This was also special for Dale, I think, and probably for Hannah, too, since she hasn’t “slept over” at our house since she moved out 2 years ago and her old bedroom is now a guest room. She said it was strange to sleep in that room again and Dale said he couldn’t resist going up there in the morning to see her sleeping in her old room. They had coffee and egg sandwiches and finished the movie by noon on Saturday. It really warms my heart that they chose to spend this time together and to know how much they truly enjoy each other’s company.
  2. He spent Saturday evening with his dad. They ate pizza and listened to music and talked and laughed and reminisced. Given everything that happened in the summer of 2017, well, Dale is particularly grateful to still have his dad around to spend time with him.
  3. He spent Sunday afternoon with Jackie. Dale went over to their house and hung out for a while. He said Jack was absolutely adorable and came over and climbed up on Dale and settled in with him to watch TV together. Usually we have Jack come to our house so it’s always a treat to see him play and hang out in his own space and I know Dale loved getting to be with him for the afternoon.

Next week I’ll finally get around to telling you about what I did while Dale was home. Not home alone, though, and for that I’m very glad!

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  1. So cool, Carole – thank you for sharing! I love that he chose one on one time with Hannah and his dad … says a lot about him (and it’s all good!)

  2. What a terrific few days Dale had, along with wonderful people to spend them with! When I’m away, I can pretty much count on John working, but it’s so much better to spend time with loved ones.

  3. There’s something about those close generational relationships that makes even time doing nothing remarkable special.

  4. LOVE x 3… MILLION!! What a fun weekend for Dale & Hannah & Jack & Jackie & everyone (because I know it was great for you, too, and I can’t wait to hear about it!)

  5. I love seeing what a full weekend he had! I think if I left my husband alone for the weekend, he’d spend it sleeping and staring at a computer (well, working, but it looks like staring at a computer).

  6. Glad Dale wasn’t home alone and now, oddly, I have the urge to watch Gettysburg. It’s no where close to my typical choice of movies but you’ve made it sound fun.

  7. I think it’s wonderful that Dale choose to spend extra downtime with family. That must be very affirming for you. I am looking forward to hearing all about your trip next week.

  8. What a great way for Dale to spend the weekend! One-on-one time with three very special people in his life is just win-win-win!!! XOXO

  9. Carole, was this unusual for Hannah and Dale to spend time alone? I love it! And I love that Hannah suggested Gettysburg. A movie the old crew loves. Andrew can also recite too many lines by heart! Same with Dances with Wolves. Love hearing about the family. Hannah looks as beautiful as ever. Miss you, Lisa

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