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Three On Thursday

Hello Friends! This Thursday I’m sharing three funny memes I’ve been saving for you. I hope they make you laugh!

Because men need validation.

Because style matters.

Because. Just because.

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  1. Much to my pleasant surprise, when we first were married my DH hopped up from the table and started on the dishes. When asked about it, he said he felt it was the least he could do since I cooked. It still works this way unless one of us is sick. Getting married after we had each lived alone for several years has some perks!

  2. OMG So, so funny (and true). Parades and Plant Parenthood – the best. And I had never thought about ghost outfits!!!

  3. I just had to restrain myself from laughing out loud at the third one (I’m at work and supposed to be doing serious business)! Plant Parenthood!

  4. Plant Parenthood… hahahaha! Those are all great. I love a great meme (and, thankfully, there are so many)!

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