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Three On Thursday

I’ve got three photos for you today. Well, actually four photos but two of them go together and I’m only counting them as one. Confused? Hold on, I’ll show you the two that count as one right now so you won’t be.

When I got my haircut last week my stylist lopped off almost three inches! Here’s the back view as well as the front view. (That’s why this counts as one!) It’s swingy and bouncy and much faster to dry and I love it.

Here’s a photo of Dale and his sister Lisa tailgating at Buffett last Saturday. Lisa has loved and listened to JB for a very long time, way back before he was popular at all. She attended an event in the western part of our state and actually met him and kissed him on the cheek. #colormejealous And yet, this was the first time she had been to one of his concerts since way back then. Like all of us, she had a ball!

And finally, we had ice cream for dinner the other night. Dale was not on board at first – you’d have thought I suggested we go in the backyard and eat dirt for dinner – but he came around when I said I wasn’t making him anything anyway so he might as well go with it. I pointed out that, much like when Hannah went off to college and we started eating in front of the tv, we are grown ups and don’t have to set an example for anyone. Plus, I had a peanut butter sundae and peanut butter has protein. #thatsmystoryandimstickintoit

That’s all I’ve got for you today, kids. Happy Thursday! And don’t forget to share your post if you wrote one.

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  1. Your hair looks lovely! I’m glad Dale came around to ice cream for dinner…on super hot summer mornings, we’ve been known to eat it for breakfast…

  2. I LOVE your argument for ice cream for dinner! That gave me a good chuckle. In addition to protein, there was also some calcium in there. I say you had all bases covered.

  3. Your hair looks great! John is like Dale, except he has yet to come around to not setting an example. It’s still ice cream after a dinner with meat, potatoes, and vegetables. (It happened once, but we had an ice cream coupon, and it was 101 degrees!)

  4. The haircut is really awesome – I love it! (and yay for faster drying time!) Also, I laughed right out loud at Dale… ice cream for dinner is one of the best things ever!

  5. Your hair looks fabulous! (Thanks for sharing the pic(s)). I would never in a million years get Fletch to eat ice cream for dinner…but I would love it!

  6. Your hair looks fantastic! I wish I could decide what to do with my own. It’s long enough to donate, it looks horrible long, but I’m having my midlife crisis and don’t want to go short again. Decisions, decisions.

    I too have been a long time JB fan. Some 45 – 50 years ago, my much older sister took me to see him play at University of Richmond. Can’t call it a concert, really can’t even call it a show. It was him sitting on a stool on stage and probably not even 30 people in the audience. Been a fan ever since!

    Ice cream for dinner is awesome! When the kids were little, we started the ice cream for dinner tradition whenever it thunder stormed. One summer we had frequent, Bad late afternoon t-storms that often knocked out the power. Between trying to unfrighten the kids and me simply being lazy, the tradition was born. Good times!

  7. Ohmygod you just crack me up with that ice-cream-for-dinner thing. (And peanut butter is definitely protein, so you’re all set!) XO Love your hair. XO And I love that y’all had such a great time at the concert. XO

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