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Three On Thursday

This week for Thursday Things I’m sharing three photos. They aren’t related but I do have something to say about each one.


My brand new owl diffuser from Young Living. It was just released at their convention a week or so ago and, while it’s intended for a child’s room . . . I could not resist. The colors are perfect for our bedroom and it runs for 8+ hours on the intermittent setting and it’s just adorable. I’ve been using it every night with a blend of lavender and bergamot and cedarwood and it’s definitely helping me to sleep. I call that a win all around.


Why is it that my hair always comes out great the day before I’m going to get it cut? It’s like the hairs are saying nooooooooo . . . don’t cut us offfffff  . . . we so pretttttty. Does this happen to you, too? In any event, later today things will be shorter. Not by a lot but by some.


Jackie. Because what’s cuter than a little boy in a bathing suit covered in sand? Not much, I say. Especially since I’m not the one who had to get him cleaned up. Heh.

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  1. I feel ya on the hair thing. I’ve been growing mine out and am reminded every couple of days what annoys me about it being long. Then today I threw it up in a clip and looked at it while washing my hands and thought “that looks nice!” Every trip to the stylist is a roll of the dice, so it tends to be cooperative then. Happy snipping!

  2. Sandy toddlers… I’m very happy to defer clean-up on that situation these days, too! (What a cutie — that hat!)

  3. Three good ones! You do tend to appreciate the cute more when you don’t have to clean it up. I’m so tempted to get that owl myself …

  4. hat a cute guy Jackie is – even covered in sand (and I’m sure glad I’m not the one to clean him up either – haha). gosh your hair has gotten long (and looks so nice…) – do show us your “new do!”

  5. That hat! LOL The best! (And, holy cow your hair is long! And, yes… why the heck is it that when you make the decision to get it cut – it suddenly behaves and looks amazing! lol)

  6. Yes! My hair always gets lots of compliments right before I go to the hair salon – um, hello? I have a skunk stripe on my head, people! haha I love that hat and Jackie *always* looks adorable <3

  7. Oh . . . little sandy Jackie! I love him. (I imagine Jessica had a sand dune in the bottom of the bathtub when she drained out the water . . . ) (I remember those days . . . ) Love the diffuser! And your hair will look great at any length! XO

  8. Oh Jackie is such a cutie! I remember those days, and I’m thankful that my kid very quickly decided that the sandbox was not for her, thus ending my days of having to deal with that cleanup.

  9. As my daughter says, sand in the bathtub at the end of the day means it has been a good day. I will have to try your combination of oils. Lately I’ve enjoyed diffusing lemon with peppermint. Your long hair is so pretty.

  10. My hair very rarely looks good, but it does seem to look nicer right before I get it cut. What’s up with that, indeed? Jackie, what to say that actually describes the extreme cuteness? That diffuser is so cute!

  11. The hair thing…I totally hear you, and if you decide not to cut it, a few days later you remember why you wanted to cut it..LOL. Bergamot is one of my most favorite essential oils as well and one I use in my hand cream.

  12. Your hair is just gorgeous. So lustrous and thick. When/if it goes gray it will be lovely, too! (I think you’ve got years before that happens.) I’m still trying to decide if I really want to learn more about EO. They seems such a commitment and I’m not a fan of scent, in general. Jack is just too cute! How fun to have a grandchild you can just hand back to the parent, but enjoy all the cuteness until then!

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