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A Month of Photos and a Video: JULY 2019

You might think the title of this post is wrong and that I meant to type AUGUST and not July. But if you thought that you’d be wrong. I sat down at my laptop yesterday afternoon while watching the news and thought . . . what can I post for tomorrow that I can get done quickly so that I can get back to enjoying my Monday holiday? Looking at the calendar I immediately thought of my August mosaic and video. So I headed to flickr to create the mosaic and saw that I hadn’t uploaded a SINGLE photo for the month of JULY. Whoops. They were all done and stored in my files, I just hadn’t posted them online.


I got that done and today I’m sharing July.

That mosaic is just full of so much summer goodness. Flowers and lobster and family, fishing and nights on the deck, an engagement and food and summer book bingo.

The July video does a great job of telling the rest of the story.

I promise I won’t wait until October to share my August pictures and video!

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  1. It makes me sad to think that July is so far in the past! Summer goes by too quickly and here we are days away from autumnal weather. Not to be a downer, as we have many gorgeous days ahead and beautiful memories of the our fabulous summer. Your July is as close to to classic American summer as anyone can get!!

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