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How about a weekend recap this Monday? I have some photos and will add some words to fill you in on what we did.

On Friday morning I met a friend for coffee and we brainstormed about an idea we have for a side hustle geared towards helping women live their best personal and professional lives. I’m really excited about the ideas we came up with and will be sharing more here as we move forward. After our 3 hour (!!) planning session I picked up Jackie and he and I headed to the grocery store. We came home, had lunch, went for a walk, watched all the school buses, read some books, and practiced our downward dog. Notice what we didn’t do? Nap. Apparently these days being with Nana is so exciting we just don’t want to nap.

After the little man went home Dale and I relaxed on the deck with a hot chicken dip and cocktails. I was tired and ready to chill, I can tell you that. Our evenings on the deck are limited at this point and we’re making the most of it but I’m definitely feeling the change in season as it is getting dark so early now. We came inside and watched Easy Rider, our classic movie of the month. As you can probably guess, Dale chose this one because I had never seen it. I have to say, that ending destroyed me and I was not too happy about this choice. Oh sure, I recognize that it’s a classic, but still. Brutal.

Saturday was our local town’s business expo on the Common. Kiwanis was there selling hamburgers and hot dogs for the first time and that was a great success. The annual apple pie contest had 7 entries and the pies looked delicious. Our new Town Administrator was there and I was able to introduce him to lots of business owners from our town. I chatted with friends and neighbors and really enjoyed a great gathering of our community leaders and then spent the late afternoon reading on the couch.

And putting together Saturday night dinner. Heh. We played Phase 10 and grazed on snacks and it was good.

Sunday was warm and sunny. There was football (how about them Pats?!?) and then we worked outside to refresh my tired planters on the deck. Dale emptied several containers (bye bye coleus and sweet potato vine and petunias) and I replanted them with ornamental kale and mums and then added some decorative gourds to freshen things up. We had some wine and beer out there and again lamented the earlier sunset . . . it was pretty dark at only 6:15. Sigh.

It was a busy weekend but full of small town life and I loved every minute of it.

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  1. It sounds like you enjoyed a beautiful almost-fall weekend, and now your deck reflects the season. Love Jackie’s downward dog!

  2. For a gal who loves summer, you seem to be accepting fall with good grace. Children are yoga cheaters. They’re still too flexible to get credit for it, don’t you think?

  3. Top form points to Jackie for that downward dog! I am equally saddened by how early it seems to be getting dark, but there is something to be said for cozy evenings, particularly after a busy day. Sounds like it was a full, fun weekend.

  4. The days are definitely shorter, but it does look like you made the most of what light there is. A busy, but fun weekend – the best kind!

  5. Nana, I bet you were beat! Sounds like an action-packed visit with Jackie. And the rest of your weekend sounds busy as well, but isn’t that a typical Carole weekend? It all looks like fun. I hope you get some rest in this week so that you will be prepared for next weekend.

  6. I’ve never seen Easy Rider. And now I know . . . not to. Another great weekend, Carole — filled with all kinds of wonderful things! I’m super excited to hear more about your side hustle. . . XO

  7. I’ve only seen a few clips of Easy Rider and was surprised to read/learn for the first time, just this year, about how the movie ends… one would think that would be more commonly known. Y’know? I’ll bet you wish it had been.

  8. The pots and pumpkins look so nice. I love the ornamental kale. I will probably never watch Easy Rider. I just don’t like to watch or read too much violence or brutality. Great weekend and a fun shot of Jackie doing his downward dog. Kids are the best.

  9. I just LOVE what you did to your pots. It’s time I cleaned up the fading petunias and put in something autumnal. Thanks for the inspiration.

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