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A Month in Photos & Video: September 2019

Now that we’re a week into October, let’s take a look back at September.

Here’s the photo mosaic:

And here’s the 1SE video:

It was a month full of all the things and people I love. Pulling this together, though, was not without it’s challenges this time. I got a new laptop and there’s been a learning curve (I’m looking at you, Windows 10) plus some photos were on my old laptop and some were on here and I haven’t figured out yet what I want to do about Photoshop (do I just buy the downloadable version and be done or do I buy the subscription version and pay every month?) so it just took a  little longer this time around. Kind of like a lot of things when there’s change, right?

Speaking of change, I think October will look much different than September!

P.S. Be sure and check in with Kym today for the latest post on our Read With Us online book club. Our book is Just Mercy and you’ve got plenty of time to read it before we start our discussion next month.

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  1. I still see some signs of summer in September’s photos and video, but I expect things will change dramatically in October. Yesterday was cool and rainy here, and as I was walking to work, I was thinking that it really truly felt like fall.

  2. September really did fly by in a blur! 🙂 Good luck with the new computer! I’m a Mac person. . . I hates The Windows . . . so I’m glad it’s YouNotMe! XO

  3. I use the subscription version of Photoshop, mainly because I can access it on more than one computer!

    I must be hungry because other than smiling faces and a few flowers, I’m most focused on SNACKS in your photo mosaic!! 😉

  4. Have fun with the new computer. I set up my new Dell on Sunday and it took me three hours to figure out Itunes so I could get some downloaded to listen at work. For some reason, I couldn’t get it to keep all the podcasts I had on the old computer so I started over with just a few.

    We have Windows 10 at work so some of it looks familiar to me but I haven’t delved any further and have to move my pictures over sometime after Rhinebeck.

    Love the video. So fun to see the month.

  5. Your butterflies (and butterfly bush) held up way better than ours. We did have bees, though! I’m sorry I missed your birthday and hope that glimpse of cake and candles in the video was for you! Happy (much!!!! Belated) Birthday!

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