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Watercolor Wednesday

I’ve got a hot minute to get this post done . . . Dale and I are due at a function and should be leaving in 5 minutes and he’s asking me what he should wear . . . and I need to pack for a conference I’m going to for the next two days . . . and I’ve got a new laptop that’s pretty sweet but also making it so things take much longer than they used to as I adjust . . . and I’ve got a stuffy nose that might be a cold or perhaps allergies . . . and . . . well . . .

you get a watercolor.

Happy October 2nd!

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  1. I trust everything that needed doing got done . . . and that Dale was appropriately clothed for your event. 🙂 (I also hope it’s just allergies. Even though allergies are No Fun At All, they’re better than a cold. And especially at a conference.) XO

  2. I love the colors and hope you got everything done in a timely fashion! Here’s hoping your next few days are filled with good things (and no rushing)!

  3. Hope everything got done in time and you are enjoying yourself! I’ll bet it’s just allergies, what with the leaves changing and drying out.

  4. It’s a beautiful water color! Hope you feel better soon. There’s a horrible, never-ending cold-like virus going around. I’m on week 4 of it. Ugh!

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