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Watercolor Wednesday

Dale and I had a terrific weekend in Maine and I probably should share photos. But I just might not. Or I might eke them out over the next few weeks when daily photos aren’t so lovely because November. In any case, for today I have this watercolor:

Ahhhhhh. The ocean. We made a point to stop and visit the coast of Maine on our drive home Sunday and I’m so glad we did because the ocean soothes me in a way that nothing else can. Even when it’s cold and windy (and it was!) I can stand and watch those waves for a good, long time.

Here’s to doing more of what’s good for our souls.

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  1. Ahhhhh! I feel the exact same way when I stand on the shores of Lake Michigan. Nothing on earth feels the same way!

  2. There is definitely something about water whether it be an ocean, a stream, a lake, whatever. So soothing and so renewing.

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