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Sometimes Monday

Comes faster than you’d like!

Seriously, wasn’t it Friday about 5 minutes ago? I can’t even blame being super busy because my weekend included plenty of down time and relaxation. I have one photo from each day to share with you right now.

Friday Night Snacks. These were accompanied by a Thanksgiving playlist and then catching up on some television.

The turkey from our Friendsgiving feast at Sean’s. It was as delicious as it was beautiful. We were missing some friends around the table this year do to weather and other commitments but it was still a lovely evening to celebrate and be together.

Sunday morning breakfast. I made a delicious veggie frittata plus sausage and fruit. It was a great start to our day. In fact, I think I’ll heat up a leftover piece for breakfast today!

Happy Monday, friends. And hey, it’s a short work week!


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  1. I really should know by now to have breakfast ready before I read your blog. (If only I had a piece of delicious vegetable frittata to heat up!)

  2. Sounds like a most excellent weekend. Ours was running about to get ahead of the storm coming in today that is supposed to be significant. Hoping things get cleaned up so we can travel by car Thursday.

  3. YUM! Always good eats at Carole’s house. Yes, it was just Friday 5 minutes ago, and I have so much to do this week. But we shall persevere, right? Here’s to a productive Monday.

  4. I could be shown a picture of Friday Night Snacks, unlabeled, and say “Oh, that’s at Carol’s house – looks great!” You’ve maintained your standards of an evening to look forward to.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

  5. That turkey looks amazing! I’d love to know how it came to be such a gorgeous color (I’m guessing some sort of fancy glaze)!

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