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Three On Thursday

Ooof, what a week, am I right? For me, and I suspect for some of you as well, this has been the first week back after the holidays. After the merry making and the down time. After all.that.cheese and after days of not having to put on real clothes. On the one hand it feels . . . good . . . to return to a routine. On the other hand it feels like I’d rather be home by the wood stove, reading a great book.

Here are three things that have helped me to cope with having to leave the house (the horror) and go to work this week:

  1. Changing out of my work clothes and into my flannel pants as soon as I get home. Now. It’s not like I wear a power suit to work, I typically wear jeans and boots and a sweater, but still. Flannel pants are so much better than jeans and they bring me right back to those post Christmas days where I was able to lounge around all the time.
  2. Seeing my co-workers. I work with some really incredible people who truly care about me. It’s good to collaborate on work stuff with them. It’s also good to have someone besides Dale to talk to about . . . stuff. While he and I are both grieving, his grief is sharper and deeper than mine and I try very hard to be supportive for him and not dump my own sorrow on top of his and expect him to help me through it. Having work friends ask about the holidays, ask how I’m handling the stress and change facing our family, ask how I’m feeling, it’s really a gift.
  3. Today is payday. Of course, I have direct deposit so I don’t actually have to come to work to collect a paycheck. But still. That paycheck is a sweet reminder of why it matters that I show up and do my job. Simple but true. And very motivating.

How are you coping with the return to normal life? I hope you’re finding things that make it easier for you!

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  1. Nope, no returning to normal here. Our daughter is here for four weeks and I’m trying to work around doing things with her. But it’s fun, wouldn’t want to miss this time with her!

  2. Carole, the ‘cheese’ comment made me laugh…because, So true! The part I’m not liking is making regular dinners again. Seems I’m still in the holiday snack-y mode, or leftovers-from-a-big-dinner mode…and not only do I not feel like MAKING a regular dinner–I don’t even feel like EATING one! To try to get over it, I pulled out my Rifle paper file folders (where I keep my printed recipes). Even when I don’t feel like cooking, I always enjoy those beautiful paper files! And then I eventually find SOMETHING to make. Silly but true.

  3. I am thankful that it’s been a calm week at work and I’ve been able to ease back into the normal routine. But I’m with you on getting into comfy pants as soon as I get home — it’s my regular routine year-round to come home, clean out my lunch containers, and then head upstairs to change into my PJs before starting dinner prep and lunch packing.

  4. I’ll be honest, I’m glad to be back to my regular life. It was fun to sleep late and do things with John while he was using up vacation days, but two weeks of that was enough, thank you. Maybe because my regular routine involves schlepping back and forth between two houses, it’s not too regular and rarely boring (but I am wondering about traveling in flannel pants!)

  5. LOL – the cheese comment! Like you, I wear jeans and boots to work, but as soon as I get home I head upstairs and change into comfy (i.e., pajama pants or leggings or shorts depending on the time of year) clothes. Then I come back downstairs, pour a glass of wine and think about dinner. And…we are almost to the weekend now!

  6. I am with Bonny – I was really ready to be back to “regular life” – two weeks of non-stop weekending was enough! I do like your idea of flannel pants! (and I think I am going to try make a pair so I can share in the flannel pants joy!)

  7. I’m normally itching to return to the normal life by 12/26. I LOVE all the Christmas hoop-la but once Christmas is in the wind, I’m ready to move on. I impatiently wait until 1/1 but you can bet that by 12:06 a.m. on Jan. 1st, I’m frantically taking down the decor, tossing out leftover baked goods and making menu plans full of fresh veggies and salads.
    Glad you have someone to talk to besides Dale. That’s important!

  8. It is always a push-me-pull-you kind of situation when the holidays are over and real (January) life sets in again. Glad to be back to routine/wish I was a lazy slug again! I think your flannel pants solution is a winning one. Nothing beats flannel pants for hanging around at home in January! XO

  9. I change as well as soon as I return home! Fleece top, fleece pants…and one less under item. 🙂 Happy Thursday Carole!

  10. I think Dale is so lucky to have you. Giving grieving people space is so important and thoughtful. And you are lucky to have such kind and supportive co-workers. I must admit that I was thrilled to be back to ordinary days. I am one of those people who may take the wreath off the door the day after Christmas. It can be fun, but it’s a lot of work and hassle for the celebration of what should be one day – grinches are us.

  11. I’m glad you’re finding good things this week (and I hope Dale is finding some, too). I get a kick out of all the comfy clothes love. There is truly something deeply comforting about “house clothes” 🙂

  12. You and I are totally with you on these. While I didn’t take a ton of time off from work-many of my co-workers have use it/lose it leave so it’s nice seeing them back in the office and catching up. Also after 4+ years in our building our new space is complete and we have moved over and are getting settled in and ready for 2020. Happy Friday.

  13. I’m happy to be back to the non-holiday schedule– mostly! I’ve become so good at letting it all go when I switch my brain off from work that I am still trying to find items I put aside in mid-December. A little startlin –but I guess that means I really did step away, which is not that easy when you are your own boss and your office is at home !

    I am glad you get support and love from your co-workers. That is the upside of having a job that you go to and a work community.

  14. I am old enough to be retired from a full time job but oh do I remember those days of going back to work in January. It’s cold, it’s gray and it’s dark and there wasn’t much of a break on the horizon for a few months. Anyway, I’m glad you enjoy your co-workers and the comfy clothes. It’s a relief to pull on clothes that make us feel like we are home.

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