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I had a whirlwind of a weekend, friends. I spent it in Boston at the Massachusetts Municipal Association Conference. It was a terrific conference and a great opportunity for networking and learning. I went with colleagues from my hometown, where I serve as selectman, but also met up with colleagues from the town where I work, and I saw many former colleagues and friends from other communities.

The highlight of the conference for me was the WEMO (Women Elected Municipal Officials) Lunch. The speaker was Jackie MacMullan, sportswriter and NBA columnist for ESPN. She spoke about how difficult it was to break into the field of sports writing as a woman and it was riveting. I also enjoyed hearing our governor address us at the annual meeting. He ended his talk with a plea for us to put aside political affiliations and work together to do the best we can for our communities. To that I say, hear! hear!

Dale was able to join me for the weekend and that made it even better. Once my conference responsibilities were over we were able to hang out and people watch, eat some great food, and enjoy the view from the 22nd floor of our hotel room in Boston’s Back Bay.

It was fun to get away but, as always, it was even better to come back home. I spent the better part of Sunday afternoon reading (and perhaps napping) under a blanket in our sunny living room. We ended the evening watching Joker. Not my favorite movie, that’s for sure, but Joaquin Phoenix gave an incredible performance.

How was your weekend?

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  1. Sounds like you got some inspiration, and that is always good. It’s tough staying inspired to do your best work all the time, so conferences like these are invaluable. Glad you were able to work in some fun with Dale as well. I hope your week continues to be as great as your weekend.

  2. The combination of a dynamic conference and a restorative nap sounds like a good one! Hope your week is off to a good start and you can convince others to put aside political affiliations and work together.

  3. Glad the conference ended up being so inspiring and interesting and fun! And, glad Dale could join you. The food looks So Good!

  4. I’m glad it was an enjoyable and productive weekend for you and that Dale got to come with. Weekends away are always more fun when you have someone to share them with!

  5. That sounds pretty great-and don’t you love a getaway that’s not too far away? I’m going to take a pass on Joker…..

  6. Nothing like a weekend in Boston…post conference activities and with your honey! I went to the Wayland Winter Farmer’s Market – Fiber Edition and saw Ford v. Ferrari. I hope it comes near you because it really was good. And here’s to Friday!

  7. How great that Dale was able to join you in Boston!

    I didn’t see any movies over the weekend, but I did find $50+ in forgotten gift movie cards (some from 2015!) that I added into my movie rewards app… so I’m READY TO GO!!

  8. While you were in town, I was out at the Wayland (MA) Winter Market at the Farm Fiber Day (I guess with Patty), squeezing yarn and buying some as well. Glad you liked Boston.

  9. It was filled with 2 very long walks and seeing new things in my hometown. This still amazes me that all this was here when I was little and I never really explored these areas. So grateful for the opportunity now. Maybe if my grandparents had been younger, my parent hadn’t split up when they did . . .

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