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Three On Thursday

Oh the irony of celebrating 15 years of blogging and showing up today with nothing to blog about. Could 15 years be the end of me having things to say?


Today . . . because I really haven’t come up with anything great to write about . . . I’m going to my fallback Three On Thursday topic and sharing three things that are making me happy right now.

First: Spring is only 48 days away! That makes me so happy because honestly, I feel like January has lasted for-ev-er. Christmas was . . . what? . . . 6 months ago now? Seriously, this month has dragged. I think that’s usually the case when it comes to me and my feels about January but this year, with the added stress on my family, the length of January has been epic.

Second: Yesterday I read about these Cozy Knitting Igloos at Bryant Park in New York City. How fun would it be to sit in an igloo in the park and knit? Now I want an igloo in my back yard. Hmmmm. Maybe over the pergola? I’ll be speaking to Dale about that!

Third: This commercial that will air during the Super Bowl on Sunday. Yes, we really sound like that. And yes, I love it and can’t stop watching it.

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    1. Smaht Pahk cracked me up! I feel like I “know” you, Kym, Kat, Margene, etc., but I’ve never heard any of your voices (or your accents). I hope that happens someday, but until then, I’ll just imagine you speaking wicked smaht.

    2. Smaht Pahk has me laughing right out loud! OMG I love it! And, what Bonny said… (although I have sat and sipped coffee with Kym and it felt just like old home week – I love a Michigan accent, it is pure music to my ears!) But, it would be wicked smaht for us all to be sitting together sharing a cuppa and chatting! XO

    3. Smaht Pahk is the BEST! So funny. But those Igloos!!! I think you definitely need to speak to Dale about that. Happy Weekend Carole.

    4. Spring is coming, hang on! Do those igloos have a heater? I would need a heater, Carole. I am a delicate southern girl. Smaht pahk is priceless. And boy, would I love a car that would pahk itself! Great post for someone who couldn’t think of anything to say, Carole.

    5. I want an igloo too! After we go to the Staaaah Maaaaaaaaahket and get our Super Bowl snacks! 🙂 I’ve purposely not watched the entire commercial and am waiting for Sunday!

    6. I’m not sure which I’d rather have – an igloo or smart park. Sorry – I’m southern through and through and can’t even spell it with that accent. LOL

    7. Now *I* want a cozy knitting igloo!

      That ad showed up in my Twitter feed earlier this week and I actually turned the sound on and watched it. Hilarious! It reminds me of the ads that Southwest ran years ago when they started having flights to Boston that taught you how to talk like a Bostonian.

    8. Having hung out with you and Dale I can say you DO sound like that, but Dale is truly authentic when it comes to the smaht pahk! Bonny! I don’t have an accent! lol

    9. Oh, man, that IGLOO!! I’m excited for the Super Bowl… not as excited as I/we might have been, but I’ll be more relaxed. 😉

    10. What’s wrong with 3 things making me happy? That works as a theme very week if you ask me 🙂 . I read someone say ” Happy 94th of January ” the other day–that’s what it feels like to me, too.

    11. I listened to Tsh Oxenreider’s Good Thing podcast today and she talked about Candlemas. apparently it IS a thing to light candles on February 2 to recognize the mid-point of the Solstice and Equinox. so Sunday will be halfway to the start of summer!!

    12. LOVE the igloos and yes I want one, but here in Georgia it would end up being a greenhouse. Even today it’s sunny and 63 degrees! Love the commercial and anything is better than the horrible KIA commercial about the plant south of Atlanta. Hoping for a good game today.

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