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Oscars 2020 Recap

Ooof. The Monday morning after the Oscars. It sure comes early. But it’s worth it to stay up and see the show through to the end. (I think.)

All in all I thought the show was a good one. There were some poignant moments (Hello, Joaquin Phoenix), some very funny moments (Thank you, Maya Rudolph and Kristen Wiig), some terrific performances (Love you, Elton John and Cynthia Erivo and Idina Menzel), and plenty of pushback on the lack of inclusion for women and the lack of diversity overall.

I saw all of the Best Picture nominated films and thought they were all worthy of the honor. My personal favorite was JoJo Rabbit but I also loved Once Upon A Time . . . in Hollywood, Little Women, and the Irishman. I’m not surprised that Parasite won, it was always in the running despite the predictions that 1917 would take home the big honor. I think it’s terrific that the movie got so much recognition and made Oscar history, too.

For us the most fun is just being together to watch the show; it’s a long time tradition for Dale and I to watch with Hannah and now Mikey joins us as well. We filled out our ballots before the show started, we ate food based on the Best Picture nominees, and we enjoyed the spectacle of it all.

And tonight? We’re going to bed early.

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  1. I hope you’ll recap your Oscar snacks sometime this week! My favorite moment was Natalie Portman’s gorgeous dress and the accompanying cape embroidered with the names of snubbed female directors.

  2. I was so pleased that Parasite got all the Oscar-love last night! (You already know that was my favorite of the movies this year. . . ) But, my goodness. It feels so early this morning!

  3. Yes, what Bonny said!! I am a huge fan of chips and onion dip (even as my love for the Oscars has petered away to almost nothing except the dresses!)

  4. I am with Bonny… I checked in with Instagram to see if you posted anymore food pictures and I am hoping you will share soon!

    I am hoping your Monday is over quickly and not at all taxing! XO

  5. I did not stay up until the end (I just can’t do that anymore with my early weekday wake-up time), but I did stay up a little later than usual. Why can’t they do the Oscars on a Saturday night when I *can* stay up until the end? I was really impressed with the dresses this year and saw many beautiful choices that I thought suited their wearers well.

  6. I’m glad you had a good Oscars night, Carole. Which of you correctly picked who/what would win? Just curious. Hope you have a good tail wind today and sleep the sleep of the just tonight.

  7. My only Oscar viewing is the dresses, I view those in the paper! This is a move up for me too, before I would have zip-zero to do with the Oscars. No reason really, just wasn’t interested.

  8. I didn’t watch any of the show, but I have to say I DO love your napkins! Every snack and cocktail deserve a well turned out napkin!

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