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Oscar Food 2020

I didn’t plan on writing a separate post about what we ate while we enjoyed The Oscars but since a few of you asked . . . and since I’m always down to talk about food . . . here goes.

Generally, I try to find something to eat to represent each of the Best Picture nominees. So here’s the list of nominees, followed by what we came up with to eat.

Ford v. Ferrari: Hannah brought tacos. She said there was a scene in a restaurant where they were eating them. I don’t recall it but I’m always up for eating tacos.

The Irishman: I marinated and cooked a sirloin steak (this one did double duty, as you’ll see below) and we also had ice cream. The tie in is that Frank Sheeran (the main character) delivers (errr, illegally sells) beef in the beginning of the movie and Jimmy Hoffa is an ice cream fiend.

JoJo Rabbit: red wine. Listen. We were going to be drinking wine anyway but there’s a scene where Scarlet Johansson drinks red wine to celebrate that the allies are getting closer.

Joker: Homemade soft pretzels. This one is a stretch but when I googled to try and come up with something for this movie I read that while Joaquin Phoenix was dieting to lose the weight for this role he craved pretzels.

Little Women: Apples, bread (made by Sean and it was fab), and cheese, pictured above. A staple during that time and Louisa May Alcott reportedly loved apples.

Marriage Story: Kale salad because Laura Dern’s character orders a kale salad when they go to their lunch meeting with the attorneys. I didn’t end up serving this because we were full but I was prepared nevertheless.

1917: I made a Wacky Cake, which is a war time recipe for cake that doesn’t use milk or eggs. This one is also a stretch since Wacky Cake’s roots are in WWII not WWI. Still. It’s wartime and we needed dessert.

Once Upon A Time . . . In Hollywood: Onion dip and potato chips. What’s a more quintessential snack from the late 1960s than that?

Parasite: I said the sirloin steak did double duty and I meant it because it, along with ramen noodles from our local sushi place, counted for Parasite for the Jjapaguri Ram-don that plays such an important role in a very tense scene. And yes, I know that ramen from a Japanese restaurant is not the same as the Korean noodle dish that is featured but it’s what we had available. And it was delicious!

I completely spaced out on taking photos and only captured the onion dip from yesterday and the cheese board from today’s post. Believe me when I say that everything was delicious even if it wasn’t photographed. Planning this menu is always a fun part of the experience for Hannah and I and this year was no exception. You know us . . . we always eat well!

(Please check in with Bonny today as she is hosting our 2nd discussion on the book Fever. Remember that every comment earns you an entry in our prize offering.)

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  1. You and Hannah made some great food-movie connections and it sounds like a great menu! I haven’t had Wacky Cake in decades but I’m now tempted to make one!

  2. I’m impressed that you not only managed to do something for every film but also that it all went together so well! But I guess that this is something you’re well practiced at, so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

  3. I do theme food sometimes for events and it can be a challenge. Good for you guys for going all in. Now I’m craving California Onion Dip for breakfast!

    1. PS When I clicked in my browser to search for something else, the first thing auto-populated was “Jimmy Hoffa”. I think I can blame that on your blog post. I can assure you I have not ever researched Jimmy Hoffa, even if I am old enough to remember when he disappeared. If you know what I mean. LOL

  4. oh that is so fun! …and sounds absolutely delicious, which is saying a lot at 7:30am. maybe it’s the bread, apples and cheese visual?

  5. This might be my favorite part of the entire Oscar deal… your brilliance about the food! XO Thank you for sharing!

  6. Wow, you made me very hungry so early in the morning with this discussion. YUM So, a question, Carole, did you just make ramen and include marinated steak? That sounds like something my hubby would really get into, and I wouldn’t mind it myself. 😉

  7. I love the tie ins with the food. I don’t remember tacos from FvF, but like you I’m always up for a taco.

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