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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: Gradient Cowl

I am pleased to say that I have a finished hand knit to show you today. It’s actually been finished for a few weeks but I didn’t get it blocked until yesterday after work. Funny how the demand for something to blog about pushed me to the finish line on this one.

Anyway. It’s a cowl knit with a gradient kit I bought from Kim at Fiber Revival a few years back.

I followed the pattern called Gradient Cowl Recipe and I just knit those rows until I ran out of each color.

This yarn is so yummy! It’s part cashmere and merino, I think. I don’t have the exact information and I’m not sure it’s available anymore but like all of Kim’s yarns the colors are gorgeous.

It’s maybe a little . . . taller (is that the right word for a cowl?) than it needs to be but it’s so soft and I think it will scrunch up beautifully around the neck, like a hug from me for someone I love.

And isn’t that exactly what a hand knit should be?

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  1. Lovely colors and I bet it feels even better! I kind of hope we have some more weather chilly enough for you to wear it this season.

  2. Ooh, Carole, I love it! If I remember correctly, I think that yarn is all Cashmere. I didn’t have a lot of it, but it definitely was scrumptious. What a beautiful pattern to show it off!

  3. Gorgeous finish Carole. I love the colors and it looks both rich and soft. A hug indeed (great way to describe it). Thanks for the pattern link too. I may have some yarns in the stash that will work!

  4. It’s beautiful and I can only imagine how divine it must feel around your neck! I think those tall cowls are useful when it’s really cold or blustery and you want it to also cover your head.

  5. Oh, Carole, I love those colors, and it sounds so comforting and soft. Can a soft cowl be too long or tall? I don’t think so as long as you can still breathe and talk!

  6. It’s really lovely, Carole! Like Mary, I think a “tall” cowl is super easy to wear — and I can imagine how soft and luxurious it must feel in Kim’s yarn. Perfection! XO

  7. Gorgeous! Pretty sure I have a gradient set that would be perfect for that. Why are those mini sets so appealing and then so hard to find the perfect project for them?

  8. Tall makes a cozy cowl! The yarn is soft and lovely against the neck, which is perfect for coziness, too. Kim’s yarn is just the nicest!

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