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Three On Thursday

Because it’s Thursday. And because I haven’t talked about knitting for a while. Today I’m sharing 3 things I’m committing to knitting over the next little while.

  1. Kaffe Fassett’s Stripe Scarves and Cowls. The photo above is from earlier in February but now I am thisclose to finishing my first Coins Cowl and I love it. The colors are great fun to play with and I’ve got an excellent stash of Rowan Felted Tweed to choose from. I’m pretty sure I’ll be casting on another one of these as soon as I finish this one.
  2. Nightshift by Andrea Mowry. I’ve been wanting to knit one of these ever since I saw Kym’s and a few weeks ago I ordered a fair amount of Malabrigo Rios from Loopy Ewe and WEBS. And then, as fate would have it, Vicki decided that a Knit A Long for this pattern is in order. Her timing couldn’t be better and I plan on figuring out which colors I want to use very soon. Maybe even this weekend!
  3. Fingerless mitts. I’m less clear on this in that I haven’t selected actual patterns I want to knit but I am going to commit to a Summer of Fingerless Mitts. For one, they are faster than socks. And for two, I sort of have a lot of handknit socks that I don’t even wear all that much. If I spend the summer knitting mitts I will have a great supply built up when the cold weather comes again.

What are you planning on knitting in the days, weeks, and months to come?

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  1. That’s a lovely cowl! I like the Nightshift pattern too.
    I’m having a hard time deciding what to knit these days. I cast on for a lot of things, and my knitting bag is always next to my chair, but I reach for books, not knitting these days. Oh well, it comes and goes…

  2. Coins is wonderfully colorful, and I like your SoFM plan! My future knitting plans include joining you and Vicki in the Nightshift KAL. My yarn has been delivered (to NJ, but I’m here in MD) so I hope it’s as bright and lovely as I hoped.

  3. I had such a fun time knitting NightShift! and I’m a tiny bit jealous that you have a stash of Felted Tweed … it’s one of my desert island yarns.

  4. Yay for fingerless mitts; I love them, and wear them inside and out from Sept through April. I like them tight – they make my arthritic knuckles feel better.

  5. Hmmm, between you and Vicki and MDK, I think I’m sorted on knitting for the rest of the year. I’m slow and our baseball season doesn’t look promising so sitting down to knit these beautiful pieces might take me a while.

  6. This is an excellent reminder that I need to pull together my handspun yarn for my Nightshift! (and I love your coins cowl!!)

  7. I started my Night Shift on Sunday! (And have dropped countless stitches urrrggggggghhhhh.) The kit is a bit darker than I expected but I’m hoping I can arrange it to pop a bit. I love, love, love that cowl and would love to try that one day but I think a new sweater will be on the needles next.

  8. The cowl is looking fabulous already — it’s such a simple pattern but such a great way to use a lot of beautiful colors! A summer of fingerless mitts sounds like a good plan. I have so many socks already that it might be a good idea for me, too.

  9. I can’t wait to see all the Night Shift shawls come together! What a perfect KAL project! I knit a Coins cowl — and gave it to my sister. She loves it. Now I need to knit another. . . And fingerless mitts are a perfect summer knitting project. Great projects, all, Carole! XO

  10. Here in NCFlorida, we have little need for many sweaters. I knit predominately socks, mitts, mittens, and hats. I have also made quite of few different patterns in mitts/mittens for family and friends in the more Northern states, and my favorite pattern so far is:

    I find the gusset for the thumb not only intuitive, but more comfortable than most of the others I’ve tried. I’ll be converting all my mitts to this type of construction in the future!

    We’ll be moving to the mountains of North Carolina this summer and I’m sure I’ll need a few more warm woolies. Yay!

  11. The colors in your cowl are lovely!
    I enjoy knitting fingerless mitts, they make great Christmas gifts. I really love the thumb gusset on the Ferryboat Mitts pattern.

  12. These are great ideas for warm weather knitting, Carole. I have been drooling over those KF coins patterns on MDK for a while, but in general I don’t like doing fair isle knitting much. Your cowl is fabulous. I actually completed a mens’ KF sweater (Jack’s Back)years ago and gave it to my then husband. Wish I had kept that!

  13. That cowl is beautiful! My last knitting project was begun almost 10 years ago. It’s still in a beautiful wooden bowl sitting on my coffee table. It has become an objet d’art, rather than a sweater I hope to finish! 🙂

  14. I’m going to be knitting sleeves and finishing some of my languishing sweaters. But I may be distracted by Vicki’s KAL!!

  15. Love the colors in your cowl. After I finished the cowl version of Night Shift, I ordered yarn from either WEBS or the Loopy Ewe or a combo. I am now stuck in baby knitting till I finish a blanket and 3 sweaters and a bunch of hats. I do plan to start it up though when I’m done so it’s ready for next fall. I can’t wait to see what colors you picked.

  16. That cowl is beautiful. I’ve been reading about it on the Mason Dixon Knitting blog. I really enjoy fingerless mitts – knitting, wearing, and gifting. Often I make them using up odds and ends of yarn. They can be anything from simple stockinette, texture, cabled, colorwork, lace. And you are right – they knit up more quickly than socks. They also make great gifts. In January I put together a bin of stash yarns and my plan is to mostly knit from that bin this year and see if I can make a dent. I’m not ruling out buying new yarn but I have lovely yarns on hand.

  17. I love your colors for the Coins cowl. I really wanted to knit one but since I knit so little anymore….
    Night Shift is such a great looking project. It’s another on my ‘someday’ list. Mitts are a great project and you’ll have gifts, and warmth and fun all year!

  18. Love those colors! I’m thinking I need more mitts and fingerless mitts and hope to put my leftover sock and worsted weight yarn to good use. Happy Friday.

  19. Well you know how I feel about the Coins–LOVE LOVE LOVE. The colors in yours are smashing. That ornange gets me every time I see it. Part of me wishes I was knitting Coin cowls instead of the lonnnnng scarf but OTOH it’ll be epic when I reach the end.

    Night Shift tempts me…I may have to jump in after I see all of yours.

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