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Random Things I’m Discovering

I don’t want this blog to be all-corona-all-the-time but also, it’s sort of in my thoughts all-the-time and since my blog is mostly about my thoughts, well, here we are. So. Here are some things I am learning about myself and my routine now that I’m home a lot.

  • When left to my natural inclinations my preferred time to sleep is 11pm until 7am. I always thought I was a 10pm until 6am sleeper. Nope.
  • The days pass relatively quickly.
  • I feel happier when I don’t watch the news much. The same applies to social media.
  • Rumors are everywhere. I have to keep reminding myself (and others) to stick to the facts and not jump to conclusions.
  • I always assumed that I would exercise more if I had more time at home. Nope. I’m just as bad about making time for it as ever. I’m trying, though, because when I do make time for yoga I feel better for the whole day.
  • Dale and I use 2 rolls of toilet paper/week. This is a statistic I never considered important before.
  • I should have gotten a haircut over a month ago and I regret that I didn’t make the time. I’m happier than ever about not dyeing my hair, though.
  • Seeing daffodils from my kitchen window brings a smile to my face.
  • I’m not reading as much as I thought I might. Knitting and television are proving to be better distractions.
  • Zoom is a life saver, not just for work meetings but also for socialization. FaceTime is great, too.
  • I don’t deal well with uncertainty. I’m pretty sure I already knew this, though!

And those are my thoughts today. Tomorrow I have knitting to show you.

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  1. My thoughts are much the same! I’ve worked from home for the last 10 years or do, but much of my work is on hold as companies see what will happen during this agricultural year. I’ve always thought I would have a cleaner house if I was working less, but that does not (yet) seem to be the case. My doorknobs, faucets, countertops, lights switches, etc. are all wiped down 2x/day, but I still have a problem with dusting. I have yet to find a person that is dealing well with this uncertainty, so you are in good company!

  2. Carole,
    You and I have much more in common than I knew!
    This list is great…made me smile.
    Take care.

  3. Since I retired, I have already discovered that I would not be as ambitious about those things that I always put off when I worked. It’s just more time to procrastinate! It does give you more time to do things you love, but things you don’t, not so much. Research has shown that people’s days run later and later when left to their own devices. I am not surprised that your day is going later. Enjoy it! Knitting to show us = yay!! Just think, after this is over, you will deal with uncertainty better than ever since you are developing new ways to cope. Hang in there, Carole, we are with ya!

  4. I am really struggling to focus to read – I find myself reading the same pages over and over. But… poetry is really hitting a sweet spot for me! What a wonderful balm it has been!

    And, the knitting… nothing calms my anxiousness like that does!

  5. I never thought of myself as anxious but this is all putting me over the edge. I’ve only been home for a day but I am hoping making a three things list will help me from getting lost. My daffodils are opening up too.

  6. The more unstructured time I have, the less gets done. My thinking is, ‘I can do that tomorrow’. Well, it doesn’t get done! We have been in the house for well over a week now and I’m feeling the need to turn off TV and do some constructive projects. I have come to terms with COVID-19 isolation, no other way through this mess but straight down the center. STAY HOME.
    Thinking of you and love ZOOM as well.

  7. I’ve faithfully gone to the gym for 6:00 a.m. for years and years. Can I get out of bed to do something at home? No way. 🙂 We’re still working but Doug (pre Covid-19 plan) begins working at home tomorrow until he decides to retire…that’s going to bring about some changes! And you said it…Zoom is a life saver!

  8. I am definitely an 11-7 kind of girl too. I always feel so much better when I can keep that schedule. I will say though that I hate this feeling of being in limbo. My boss hasn’t said anything in days now other than to punch in and punch out.

    I have been trying to avoid the news as well because it brings on instant anxiety especially when the government is saying one thing and the doctors another.

    I do have bread in the oven rising and I am going to warp my bigger loom today that has been sitting empty for over a year now. Hmmm…maybe I will even go and blog..ha!

    I had never heard of Zoom before this all happened, but I’m so glad it’s a thing that allowed me to spend time with my favorite friends. <3

  9. I am completely amazed at how quickly the days fly by . . . and how little I get done! My state of mind is so much better when I don’t pay attention to the news. Every once in a while, I’ll fall down that rabbit hole, though, and I ALWAYS regret it! (Kind of like drinking too much.) Hang in there, Carole. XOXO

  10. You are not alone in those thoughts. Steve has figured out how long we can survive on our existing supply of TP. I did manage to get the hair thing done before confining to essential only outings, but my poor dog I think, is going to look like a brillo pad if she isn’t able to go on Thursday. I may have to learn dog grooming skills while I’m inside. Stay healthy my friend.

  11. Yup. I’m happy not to be dying or highlighting my hair. I still go to bed around 10 or 10;30 and get up at 5:30 or 6. I am working out regularly which kind of surprises me (but makes me happy). The daffodils are wonderful and so soothing.

  12. Many of us have the same thoughts, problems, positives in our lives right now. I’m so happy it’s spring and the days are warmer and clearer (off and on). It’s hard to stay away from the news when it’s in your hand, but I’ve been doing a fair job of knitting and listening to books and not going down the rabbit holes. Our fed gov has SO dropped the ball and our state isn’t doing much better. I can’t help but worry. The one thing I wish I owned is a bidet. LOL

  13. So many of these apply to me as well! In fact, just this morning I was noticing how long my hair was getting and remembering how my hair stylist is always scolding me for not getting my hair cut as often as I should. I’m sure if she could talk to me right now, she’d be saying, “I bet you wish you’d gotten it cut last month!”

  14. The days do seem to fly by (and I am so glad I have those Three Things) and yet, time seems to be standing still. Marc and I took stock of our TP supply a few weeks back and apparently our burn rate is above average. hummm 😉 I am finding it helpful to limit news to 2x daily. My IG feed is a lifeline. I gave up complaining about the president for Lent and had to unfollow a few folks … turns out what’s left is mostly 100% life affirming (with just enough snark to make me still feel real). Of course that means I could get lost there for hours. Hence Three Things. it’s a process! xxoo.

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