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Right Now

I’ve seen those social media posts that start with . . . So I Remember . . . and the people list gas prices, etc. Bloggers are list pros so here’s my list of what’s going on for us right now.

Smiling: for our Front Steps Project photo. Our neighbor is a professional photographer and she took this photo of us a week or so ago (the days all do blend together right now, don’t they?) and all the proceeds went to a charity in our town. Great idea and I loved capturing this moment in time in front of our house.
Knitting: NightShift and socks. Not a lot, honestly, but I’m making progress and really enjoying NightShift.
Zooming: A lot! We had a virtual happy hour with Kym and Tom last week, I’ve got a Department Head meeting this morning, a library network membership meeting this week and more. It’s a good way to stay in touch with friends who live far away (honestly, we should have been doing this for ages!) and great for remote meeting participation.
Journaling: Daily. I list 5 things in my gratitude journal every morning and I use my other journal for getting my feelings down on paper, doing some simple artwork, and collaging. It helps.
Meditating: More than usual because, again, it helps.
Reading: When Things Fall Apart by Pema Chödrön. It goes hand in hand with my meditation practice and it couldn’t be more perfect for right now.
Dreaming: Intensely. Last night I had a dream that we were in a hotel on the ocean and the entire first floor flooded. I’ve had plenty of anxiety dreams lately and several with my brother as well. He’s been on my mind a lot as he died 37 years ago this Wednesday. Clearly I’m releasing my anxiety in my dreams.
Listening to: Brené Brown’s new podcast Unlocking Us. No one gets to the heart of anxiety and vulnerability the way she does and I’m so grateful for this new way to learn from her.
Watching: Star Wars (I put watching all the movies on my 20 in 2020 List), Olive Kitteridge (because Dale just read the book), Call the Midwife (so glad it’s back), Ken Burns Country Music (so grateful for my PBS Passport service as a sustainer). Please note we are not watching Tiger King. Not happening here.
Sewing: face masks for Dale and I. I haven’t attempted this yet but yesterday we went through my fabric stash (it’s extensive from all those years of quilting) and I’m hoping to get some made this afternoon.
Contemplating: human behavior. Dale and I went for a drive yesterday and observed things that we couldn’t believe we were seeing. Bikers in a group in a parking lot. A group of kids playing baseball. People attempting social distancing but being way closer than 6 feet apart. I don’t get it, I really don’t.
Avoiding: everywhere! I did go to the grocery store last Wednesday for the first time in 2 weeks. I don’t panic about trips like this, but it’s definitely a weird time to be in a store. Never in my lifetime have I made a list of things we need and had to say if they have it but those are the times we are in. Also the cashier told me she sees the same people in the store every single day. So again I say: stay home.
Missing: my family. I’m grateful to be with Dale and not be alone but I sure do miss our kids and especially Jackie. We FaceTime with him frequently and that’s wonderful but I’m truly looking forward to holding that little bug in my arms again.

What’s happening for you right now? I’d love to know.

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  1. Much of the same! John and I are home, I do laundry, clean, rearrange, taxes, some yard work, etc. and just generally try to keep busy. Not much reading or knitting, or even watching any tv (definitely not Tiger King). I am going to look for Olive Kitteridge; I loved the books! Maybe sewing some masks this week also. Thanks for letting us know what you’re up to!

  2. Taxes are looming large for me right now, ugh. Putting it all off has not made that better (nor has the government delaying them!) We have likewise just made one grocery store trip since our state started stay at home (gosh, has it been 3 weeks already??) and I am stunned at the volumes of people who are not staying home, staying apart, or taking any of this seriously.

    I am sewing masks today as well (and I found a pattern for a child’s mask if you are interested…)

  3. I finally cried on Saturday. I’m glad you’re finding support through your reading and listening. I’ve still kind of been drifting in those worlds though I did re-start our Read With Us book this weekend and made a little progress. We’re walking aaaaaa-lot and wishing the new outdoorsies would be a little more respectful. There’s a whole bunch more trash at our lake and gloves! What’s with the throwing gloves on the ground thing???

  4. Thank you for your post. I have found that I am getting less and less done. this was the same when we had a shelter in place after the Marathon bombing. As I start my second month of remote work, I am setting myself up to accomplish more and dwell on nothing less. Almost done with a lovely shawl for DD, using Campfire knits Daylily, as pretty as its name, and an Ana Campos pattern called Morning Dew (not sure how to link the Revelry site to here)
    on my list is to have DD teach me to link once she is done with her inorganic tests, she is a graduating senior who is doing great remotely.
    Two loads of laundry, newspaper read, water drinking is underway. Thank you for the sweet photo at your front steps.

  5. I’m doing much the same, Carole. (And a big NO to Tiger King here, too.) Mostly, these days, I’m only out in my own neighborhood for walks — and I don’t usually see a lot of people at all. But that’s just my neighborhood. I know there are people NOT practicing appropriate social distancing — and I just don’t get it. Hang in there. XOXO

  6. Pretty much the same here. Some knitting, less reading. Walking when I can (weather permitting), exercising regularly (that one is really new!!) and, of course, working remotely. That work helps define some of the days for me and, thankfully, I’ve been busy. Hang in there. I heard on a conference call this morning that discharges (from hospitals) in NYC are increasing steadily and there are fewer people being admitted. Of course, other hot spots are popping up around the country (New Orleans, Dallas).

  7. Today is a glorious,sunny day and I just came in from garden cleaning. I’m trying to tackle a section at a time. So excited to see new growth starting on some of my perennials. I’m thrilled that Call the Midwife started. That show just lightens my mood. Knitting and spinning is happening but at a comfortable pace. Thank goodness for zoom and FaceTime. We are doing a big family link for Easter.

  8. Me, too! I have been having the most vivid dreams, not particularly scary, but weird. And I am generally not sleeping well. Anxiety. I love Pema Chodrun and that book. Have you ever heard her speak? She is the most down to earth and funny woman. Reading a lot, not knitting much, keeping busy around the house, thinking about making some masks. I need to go through my stash to see what suitable pieces of cotton I have. I am also just befuddled by people’s abilities to believe that none of this pertains to them! I hope you continue to find peace where you can, Carole. Thanks for the update. Oh, and I love the photo, and that is such a good idea for charity.

  9. I am lucky I haven’t had anxiety dreams, and I treasure the first ten minutes of the morning when I don’t remember what a mess the world is in. Zoom is great! I can’t believe it hasn’t crashed yet though!

  10. There are certain things that are perpetually at the top of my grocery list… because the shelves are usually cleared. Ugh. They are mostly things that I can do without, or find a substitution for, but geez…

  11. Much of the same here. including Tiger King (gah, seriously?!) Marc’s headed to the store tomorrow. Rumor has it they are empty now of people and pretty decently stocked. We’ll see!

  12. I am catching up here. Now and then I have to take a technology break. I love your thoughts on your word, open. Right now – it is evening. My husband and I finished a simple meal and he did the dishes. The day is still light and after I catch up on a few more blogs I am going to pull out my knitting. I love FaceTime with my kids but I do better when I know I can fly out and see them again. I’m not sure when that will happen again. I am thankful everyone is safe and sound.

  13. What is with the run on oatmeal??
    And yeah. People are just stupid. And thoughtless. Ill add selfish too.

  14. I have only been going out to walk or run, and even then I find myself getting annoyed at the other people who are not putting enough distance between us as we pass. Yesterday on my run I had to leap up onto a bit of a hill on someone’s lawn to get 6 feet away from someone, which my ankles did not enjoy. I have seen people who are being safe, thankfully, but the school down the street from us had to rope off its field because too many people were using it. We are staying home as much as possible, and honestly I’m trying to view it as a great time to spend extra time with my family.

  15. Steve has been doing the grocery shopping and many of our stores are limiting the # of people inside. We have been able to find a place to park so we can cycle, but hopefully that won’t be discovered by and large groups or that’ll be the end of that. Glad this is an activity we do together as it provides another way to be out, and maintain distance. I wish I had a fencing partner as the whole point is maintaining distance which is exactly 6 feet and you are covered head to toe. That is the one activity I’m missing the most right now. I loved the movie Olive Kitteridge I look forward to hearing what you think. Dreams can be too real and too scary sometimes-sending you hugs and wishes of peace.

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