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Good for the Soul

Music is very important to Dale and I, as you probably know. He’s a singer in a band, of course. And we listen to music a lot in our home. Our tastes aren’t always the same but luckily I’m the only one who knows how to operate Spotify and our Sonos speakers. Ha!

Seriously, though, we listen to a lot of classic rock, folk, and oldies. Last Friday when we were on the deck I had a playlist on shuffle and the song The Weight by The Band came on. We were trying to figure out one of the lines and I looked up the lyrics and then we were talking about how much we both really love the song and the meaning behind it . . . that idea of taking the weight off of someone else and carrying it for them when you are able.

Dale did some extra googling on his own the next morning and he stumbled across a YouTube video of this song recorded by Playing for Change. It was done last September in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the song. It’s gorgeous and uplifting and I love it. I hope it brings you some comfort and solace right now the way it has for us.

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  1. Tom found that very link over the weekend! It’s perfect, isn’t it? I’m so glad you shared it!

  2. You know, I’m familiar with this song, but I never thought about the words. And I love this video with all the artists from all around the world — it’s so perfect for the current times and the fact that we are all in this together and have to support each other!

  3. Love this song. I’d seen this before and it brought tears to my eyes! It’s a great way to start today too. Thank-you Carole!

  4. I’ve seen this before and it brings me to tears everytime! Thanks for sharing, I needed this today!

  5. Thank you so much for the information about Playing for Change. I have spent the last hour watching many of their videos and have been moved to tears a few times. Music is important in our home too and I have been listening to more music lately as I can’t stand having the tv on. Music does heal and we need it more than ever now.

  6. Thanks, Carol. My husband has been sharing uplifting songs on our large family text thread (about 30 of us). I will remind him of this one this evening!

  7. That was wonderful! (I had to wonder, though, how they dealt with the satellite lag that is inevitable among people scattered around the world.) I loved it.

    If you haven’t already, search YouTube for the Rotterdam orchestra playing Beethoven’s Ode to Joy; the coronavirus version of Bohemian Rhapsody; and What the World Needs Now by a virtual orchestra. The first and last on give me chills (the good kind).

  8. Oh Carole (and Dale) – thank you! this is the first time I cried today … last September seems like a lifetime ago. Look at all those people all over the world coming together … not being 6 feet apart. It is beautiful!!

  9. I’ve always liked that song, but never really listened to it. Thanks for sharing-music makes the world such a better place.

  10. The Band and Robby Robertson (and other members) are true musical treasures. They set a standard and a new course for “rock” and for music in general. Thank you for this video, Carole!

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