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It’s Monday again, friends, and here we are in this new normal. When I think about weekends now I am reminded of Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey asking . . . what is a weekend? Because right now our weekends don’t feel all that different from our week days. We did manage to do some things, though.

On Friday we set up our deck furniture. Never have we ever set it up in March but it was warm and I got inspired. And honestly, if we’re going to be home together so much, well, a new place to go is not a bad idea. We had Friday Night Snacks out there, which was fun, and it’s been raining ever since, which is not so fun.

On Saturday I visited my favorite local nursery and I got some pansies for our window boxes. They are small right now but they will grow and those cheery little faces do my heart good even if I can’t see them from inside just yet.

We also got take out from one of our regular local places and it was nice to get a break from cooking dinner. In a brilliant move I also ordered buffalo chicken wings to heat up for Sunday night cocktail hour.

On Sunday I fried up some local eggs for breakfast. And we took a drive to the library for me to grab some paperwork I need for working from home. We also drove through Plymouth and I have to say it was sad to see the restaurants and shops all closed. A Sunday afternoon in that town would usually be bustling and we would have stopped somewhere for a drink and an appetizer before heading home. There has been so much planned for the 400th celebration of the founding of Plymouth, I can’t imagine what’s even happening with those plans.

And that was my weekend, in summary. How did you do adjusting to life in the time of coronavirus?

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  1. We are certainly not having patio furniture weather yet. We seem to be up to two pretty nice days a week, and mostly not frigid weather. Our weekend was pretty normal, although hubs didn’t work to provide better distance between work and home.

  2. You know, same old, same old. Reading, watching, trying to distance myself some from the news. This is going to last a long time, and I am trying to keep informed without too much anxiety. I need to get busy this week and do some more productive activities. Your weekend sounds lovely, Carole. Here’s hoping you get some great weather this week so you can enjoy your deck.

  3. Friday was nice by us…but not warm enough to sit outside comfortably. And, like you, the weekend was a wet one…all weekend long. I did a bit of baking and stuck to my workout schedule. I agree, that I’m reminded of the Maggie Smith comment – lol.

  4. I long for the day when a weekend feels like a change from the week! I hope you get to enjoy your patio furniture soon, and I hope to find some pansies of my own to plant this week.

  5. Pansies, yes! But where to get them? Usually they’re on display in front of the supermarket, a olace we are avoiding. But planting them would give my husband something to do! It’s still not outdoorsy here a bit north of you–last night we were beset with thundering rain and even hail. When frogs and locusts start to fall from the sky, we will be wondering what the Fates are telling us in this age of plague!!!

  6. We got our patio furniture out last Friday! It was such a nice day, that Tom was inspired. We didn’t go so far as you guys, though. No cushions yet, for example. But we were able to have our drinks-on-the-patio — thanks to our patio heater AND some blankets! (Then it got cold and rainy . . . but we’re ready whenever the sun shines again.) XO

  7. I tried to get things organized outside, but those crazy rains started late Friday and lasted through Sunday morning… maybe this week I can get the porch open! Happy Monday!

  8. I hope your rain clears up and temperatures cooperate to allow you to sit outside more, if only so you feel like you’re getting to “go out” for a change of scenery!

  9. One day here rolls into the next, just like the one before. It was cool but windy here, so little time outside. This week is to be better, [weather wise], for several days, then back to rain/snow/wind ! Spring in Colorado! Nothing blooming either!
    Love that patio furniture, so inviting!

  10. We also sat out with the patio heater and fireplace! We haven’t moved the furniture onto the deck yet though. It was still soooo nice to sit out there. Plenty of knitting time right now…seems so much more fun than productive inside work! 🙂 And Plymouth…that is so disappointing!

  11. I’m thinking it might be time to do the mosaic tops in the “new” patio tables that Rusty & I built a few years ago. It’s not quite time for outdoor living here yet, but soon I hope! I can’t wait to see those window boxes in a few weeks!!

  12. Your patio furniture looks lovely & inviting! It will be a while before I can get mine out. We’ve had so much rain over the past few months that my yard is a sea of mud and I need to wait until things dry out. I love your pansies!

  13. We are eagerly awaiting the end of pine pollen (maybe mid-April?) to setup our porch. Love your deck space and those window boxes!

  14. I need pansies! We have had snow and rain so it will be a couple of weeks before we even think about patio furniture. Plymouth is one of my favorite places to visit and I am sad to hear the 400th anniversary is one of the casualties of this pandemic. I heard we could loose 90% of our restaurants. That is such a life changing number.

  15. Not being able to gather and enjoy the warm weather- en masse has been tough. Not to mention the cancelled travel plans. Still hoping the Tour de France will be held-not knowing is the hardest. Keeping to a normal schedule just working from home helps a lot with the current situation.

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