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Life is weird these days, right? It’s Monday and I’m not at the library. It’s not a holiday, I’m not on vacation and I’m working. At home. It’s funny, I always thought working from home sounded so awesome but now that I have the opportunity it just feels . . . sad. Or maybe it’s juts me that feels sad.

There were bright spots this weekend, though.

Friday Night Snacks on the deck. We weren’t out there for long because literally as soon as we sat down the wind started picking up and it was chilly.

Homemade sourdough bread. And a Zoom session with Sean, Jo-Ann and Kim.

Daily treat deliveries from Sean. We’ve had chocolate tarts and biscotti and brown sugar shortbread and these biscuits arrived early Sunday morning. They were delicious with butter and local honey.

A finished puzzle. This one was a struggle but we persevered and victory was ours Sunday morning.

I’ve been knitting and reading. I am journaling about what these days feel like because I know when this is over (and it will be over some day) I won’t remember all the little details. And I joined the wonderful Zoom knitting group that Mary set up for Sunday afternoon. It did my heart good to see the faces and hear the voices of my dear friends.

Despite all of that good stuff, though, Sunday night I was sad. I miss my kids. I miss Jackie. I miss my friends and coworkers. I miss the routine of daily life as it was. It all backed up on me a bit and I had a good cry and went to bed.

Today I will start fresh. Today I will remember that I’m privileged and have an abundance of things that I’m grateful for. Today I will lean in to my feelings and release them. Today is Monday.

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  1. I’ve been able to see our little person with some distance which is why I am now working from home. I want to be able to get up close when our new tiny person arrives which means I need to stay away from the world for the next few weeks. Good motivation

  2. I too have moments of overwhelming sadness and anxiety. Today is better and have a plan for Monday!
    Great to put a face and voice to you on Mary’s meet up….love your accent!
    What is the name of the historical fiction you mentioned yesterday?

  3. I think it’s really important to feel all the feels right now — which includes the sadness and the crying. None of us has any experience processing a global pandemic. We’ve just gotta take it one sad day at a time. Sending all the love your way! XOXO

  4. That bread and those biscuits! I’m making blueberry muffins today, and they smell wonderful. We are lucky to have jobs, especially ones that we can do from home, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get sad and overwhelmed by the whole situation. I think a good cry every now and then is important, as is a good night’s sleep and starting fresh each new day. It’s all good for our immune systems!

  5. That bread and those biscuits! We are lucky to have jobs, especially ones that we can do from home, but that doesn’t mean we don’t get sad and overwhelmed by the whole situation. It’s important to have a good cry, try and get enough rest, and start fresh in the morning. It’s good for our immune systems!

  6. Steve wondered why it has taken a pandemic to spur us to all “zoom together” – he said that it was the most cheerful thing he has heard in a while – all of us laughing and talking and sharing… He might be right, it is something we should have done sooner. But, nothing compares to in person time with family, friends, and all the people in our lives – it is a loss I did not consider! Hugs to you today!

  7. It’s wonderful that we’re able to connect thanks to technology, but it still it’s not quite the same as in-person connection, and I totally get that. I’m fine with doing a Zoom meeting with my coworkers, but I miss being able to hug my parents or squish my nephew. All those feelings you’re having are valid and reasonable.

  8. To have the technology to connect across miles with our friends makes this so much easier to get through. Imagine if we were all alone trying to figure out how to stay in touch. I was so happy and grateful to see so many friends “face to face”. xox

  9. My mom made an interesting observation last night. She thought our governor should keep the libraries closed, but bring back the librarians, at a safe distance. She said, who else is available and has excellent research skills for problem solving, finding supplies and making information accessible. She’s a retired teacher and feels a lot of people are being under utilized to solve some of the new challenges with this situation that don’t require medical knowledge. Just like when I was a kid, she still believes libraries are great resources, probably even more so today than back then. So, you get two votes from over here.

  10. Ohh! That bread looks so good!! I can practically smell it through the screen.

    I can’t imagine how awful social people are feeling these days. I’m introverted and perfectly happy to stay home alone for weeks at a time but even so, this is starting to get to me. I’ve gone cross-eyed from reading and knitting so much.
    Stay sane,

  11. We were feeling a little stir crazy so we did a “mental health drive by” where we pulled up in front of a friend’s house, texted her to come to her front door, and waved and talked from a distance for just a few minutes. Lifted everyone’s spirits. Did the same with our grandkids who live close by. It was weird to not get out of the car and hug each other, but it was a good break in the day and no one got close or did any harm.

  12. So normal to feel sad, scared and all the other feelings right now! This is all new to us and we don’t have a map on how to proceed.
    Lets support each other and do our part:
    Stay Home as much as possible!

  13. Yes, I am with you, Carole. It has been very sad for me as well. I am trying to prepare myself for the fact that it is likely to get worse this week. But, as you say, we have a choice to either be sad or to feel gratitude, and I am working on it every day. I am lucky in many ways, and I cannot allow myself to forget it. The new normal is not any fun, but maybe there are hidden lessons that will be revealed as we go along. I certainly hope so! Have a good week.

  14. Thank you. These are my thoughts, and it is helpful to hear that others have them, too.

  15. I totally understand…I have been working from home now almost 2 weeks and I used to love this, but it was all about having the option…and I now can only work at certain times to make sure networks are not overloaded! So usually at least once a day I have a moment when emotion overruns my reason and the tears spill out for the fact of the unknown and the inability to be with friends, co-workers and my family. But…breathe…move forward and find something to do! (I’ve knit a sweater in a WEEK!)

  16. We are all in this together. Weird, sad, scary, frustrating. We Skyped with our son this afternoon, but it’s not the same.

  17. It is strange working from home when that’s not your normal routine. I do appreciate how technology is helping folks stay connected in ways that weren’t possible 5-10 years ago.

  18. whoa, I see what you mean about all those tulips in the puzzle – good job!! I find myself tearing up a few times a day … especially early morning and late at night. sending hugs!

  19. Hi, Carole – we did the winter version of your New York puzzle. It was much more difficult than I thought, but we loved the finished product. So happy you’re continuing to blog through these tumultuous times.

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