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Lists for the Win

I love lists. I love to make lists. And I make lists of all sorts . . . books I want to read, movies I want to watch, things I have to do at work, things I have to do at home, things I want to knit and more. Lists keep me focused and grounded and there is very little that is more satisfying than checking something off of a list.

I’ve been floundering lately with lists, though. I would sort of make one and I would sort of pay attention to it and I would sort of finish things. But not really. Without deadlines and hard stops a lot of things on my lists would just stay on my lists.

Yesterday, though, I decided to make an adjustment and see if it would help with my focus. I made two columns in my journal and on the right side I wrote a list of a bunch of things I want to do. On the left side I wrote today I will. My goal is to do two things from the right column every day this week.

So far, so good.

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  1. My list has been feeling a little lonely too. Of course, a lot of the usual things just aren’t happening either. Good luck with your new approach.

  2. Oh, this is really a great idea! I have likewise been floundering with lists! Thank you for this inspiration!

  3. I’m not a list maker, but that’s a great idea! My SIL commented that she has been “saving” chores so that she has something to do every day! LOL I’m not quite that desperate, but today I WILL clean the bathrooms!

  4. That’s a very practical new approach to lists! Genius! I’m slowly coming out of my Pandemic Trance and beginning to be a bit more . . . purposeful. The days still seem to be shorter, somehow. (I don’t get how that works.) Wishing you a lovely days, Carole. XO

  5. I live by my lists. I like this idea. I definitely think it will help me get more items checked off!

  6. I really like your idea! I used to write a long list of things to do each day/week/long term, but I’ve left that by the wayside. There are still things to be done, and I think your approach may help me get them done. Thanks!

  7. I love the idea of lists! I work up a lot of list, problem I have is that I over reach with to many ‘to do’s’, look at it once, and that is the end. Your idea looks very reasonable with no ‘guilt’ factor because the entire list is never meant to be completed in a day;-]

  8. Great idea! I love lists too, but I also get overwhelmed when I write down everything that’s in my mind (always way too much). But I might be ready for it soon (one more big work project to finish).

  9. I like your new list strategy. I’m a devoted list maker/doer too. I’ve been doing some deep cleaning of storage spaces and finding many old lists, they’re like time capsules.

  10. I am making Category lists – online classes I want to finish, books that might be good for my bingo cards, recipes I want to try, my WIPs (knitting and fabric). I just want to be writing but can’t quite get my head in the game so this at least get pen to paper.

  11. I’m looking at 6 lists for work right now – can’t get organized in my home office yet. If I was in my office I’m quite organized with all my files.
    Personally I love this idea – I’d need a list to find all my little to-do lists! I like to idea of category lists but struggle how to organize and be consistent.
    Smile – the sun is shining:)

  12. I’m also a list maker, but without any real sense of urgency these days, I haven’t made a list in a while. I’m thinking, though, that it might be a good exercise to make a list with my daughter for things we want to get done each week — and we only have to pick a few to actually do. Today, though, I’m stealing an item from your list because we have some bananas that are about to turn the corner to unusable, so banana bread is on the agenda for later!

  13. Excellent plan, Carole! I’ve found my Three Things to be super helpful in keeping me focused – even when I decide to something else, at least I’m deciding, and that’s helpful, too! A few of those right-hand column things look like they might even go for multiple sub-tasks. Like that closet? 😉

  14. Like Kym, I find my days feel shorter and I run out of time for many things on my (mental) list. But, my house is cleaner than before this all started and my laundry pile is non-existent. Food planning is my downfall and crafting has suffered.

  15. What a fantastic idea. THAT seems like something we can DO. That can WORK. At a time when much can overwhelm, we can pick two things. It’s sort of like my exercise mantra….I can do anything for 30 mins. I can do TWO THINGS. My eyes played a little trick on me, and when I saw ‘banana bread’ I thought it said something about ‘bourbon.’ Maybe that should be on *my* list?!

  16. I love lists too and thats a great idea for making sure you follow through. I’m terrible on the follow through. Rather than doing the list, I rewrite it in a different color or on different paper because of course that’s going to help…. Argh!

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