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Hello, Monday

I feel like I just can’t write another Monday post that shows the same things from my weekend . . . cheese and crackers, flowers from my yard, and some words about how we stayed home. Again. Or still.

Instead, I will just say Hello, Monday.

Hello to another week of figuring out this work/ home balance.
Hello to a new To Do List that looks remarkably similar to last week’s list.
Hello to meal planning based on things we already have.
Hello to adjusting expectations and accepting change.
Hello to health, happiness, and hope.

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  1. Meal planning is challenging, but I am lucky to have freezers full of venison and a pantry full of staples. I just have to think to use what I have instead of running to the store. I’m continually working on adjusting expectations and accepting change. These are all good things to open our minds to.

  2. We’ve tried to make a new ritual or two for our week as touchstones to either replace things we miss or places we’re finding gaps. Date night is now Pizza Night and after 8 weeks in a row, we are not sorry about this. We’re working on some sort of Friday plan that helps make the transition to weekend more clear and haven’t found that thing yet, but even doing something instead of collapsing on the couch like we used to is a change. You’re usually pretty optimistic, so I think you’ll find some new ways to mark your time. Have a good week!

  3. I have meal planning on my Sunday list now. I threw out a small container of leftovers this weekend. First time in 2 months. I currently have Leftovers scheduled two nights a week which helps immensely.
    Why is it that the routine I have long craved seems a chore now? I really want to embrace it.

  4. Sometimes it does feel like being caught in a time loop and going through the same things again and again, doesn’t it?
    Hope you have a great week with a bit of different mixed in it 😉

  5. Oh boy. I am so with you. This made me cry…or should I say this gave me an excuse to let the tears that are simmering under the surface to flow. Thank you. XOXO

  6. It’s a blessing and a curse to be back at work… it’s a little easier to know what day of the week it is!

  7. Here’s hoping you find some diversity in your activities this week. I am up, I am down, and I know you are as well. You are not alone. Have the best week possible, Carole.

  8. I get it … but can I say I’m a little disappointed you didn’t share the bread baking 😉 Here’s to making it through another week!

  9. Meal planning and grocery shopping (via app) is a challenge as they may not deliver all that you expected. Learning to punt when it comes to dinner is becoming an art. My house is getting cleaner by the day and the laundry room is empty. I’m very grateful I don’t need to figure out work/home balance, but figuring out how to be social and stay close to friends is a challenge.

  10. I’m a miserable meal planner. It always feels like such a chore! But I’m glad you still shared a picture of a flower. I’m one of those suckers who can’t get enough of them.

    I hope you continue to find the joy around you this week. It seems like you’re really good at it, despite how difficult it is right now.

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