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Looking Back: May 2020

Let’s have a look back at May, a month that brought truly unexpected change into our lives.

What did I learn? 
I learned a lot of things I never expected to learn . . . like how to give my husband a shot in the belly, how to push for information from hospital staff, and how to navigate a traumatic experience. I also learned that I have a wonderful group of friends who support me, a community that is behind us and beside us, and that life is very very fragile and unpredictable.

What was my greatest accomplishment? 
Did I mention I learned to give my husband a shot? Ummm. Yeah. And maybe also the great ear I got on that loaf of sourdough bread.

Where did I go? 
Practically nowhere but we did expand our bubble and the kids are now coming to our house again. And I ventured to the nursery a few times for plants.

Who did I spend time with? And what did we do? 
Aside from Dale, which was pretty much constant other than the 6 days he spent in the hospital, I finally (!!!!) got to spend time with Jackie again. And also Jessica and Hannah and Patrick. It was really just them coming here but that was wonderful and welcome. And my relationship with Jackie picked right up where it left off and we are fast friends once again.

What brought me joy? 
My husband got hit by a car and survived. ‘Nuff said.

What do I want to remember? 
For the first time ever I have to say that there are a couple of things I’d like to forget . . . seeing Dale lying in the road, or when I called the hospital on the morning after his accident to get an update and they told me there was no patient by that name and I’d have to come in and speak to a doctor . . . those were not good moments. But the things I want to remember are plentiful . . . the look on Jackie’s face when he saw me in person for the first time in 2 months, the car parade to welcome Dale home, the gifts of food and booze, snacks and chocolate, flowers and cards and well wishes, and the love. Always the love.

Let’s hope June is a month of things I want to remember and nothing I want to forget!

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  1. I’m glad that May had good moments (like Dale surviving and seeing Jackie again) because it also had some horrific ones. That photo on the 31st brings tears to my eyes. Hope you and Dale are both doing well, and here’s to a much better June.

  2. You’ve had a tough month but June will be better. And little Jack, so cute.

  3. Yep. Definitely a month for the books. But . . . you made it. And you’re smiling. And you’re awesome. XO

  4. oh wow, Carole, I’m sure May is a month you must be SO GLAD to put behind you. and yet. good memories that for sure you can’t let go. xxoo.

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