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Three On Thursday

I’m busy and a little scattered so how about some random thoughts this Thursday?

  1. We started curbside pick up at my library this week. The Assistant Director and I met last week to discuss how best to offer this and then she went forward and put our plan into motion to make it happen. On Tuesday she and I put out 47 bags to be picked up and it seemed to go pretty smoothly. At one point I saw people out there picking up their library materials and browsing the cart of free books we put out as well and my librarian’s heart overflowed. Even if we can’t greet them personally it feels so good to be getting books into people’s hands again.
  2. On Monday afternoon at 4:20 it was exactly 4 weeks since Dale got hit by a car. We paused for a moment, looked at each other, and hugged. I feel like ever since the sutures got removed last Friday and we passed this 4 week milestone things have been moving in a good direction for him. And I know Dale feels it too because on Tuesday afternoon he told me he thought he’d turned the corner . . . that he felt like himself again. He’s pretty much ditched the wheelchair except for sitting outside for periods of time or moving around in the driveway and he’s using the walker much less and the crutches much more. At home PT ends this week and next week he starts outpatient PT. Thank you all for your support and love and concern as we have maneuvered this last little while. Keep sending good healing thoughts his way, please!
  3. I’ve been thinking a lot about racism in this county and the work that I need to do as a white woman. While this is at the forefront now on a national level, I started doing some work with this personally last year and I’m glad that I did because it has helped to prepare me for some of the conversations I am having now. I still have lots to learn and I’m trying to listen more than I speak and I am committed to being an anti-racist. If you are making that commitment as well, and I hope you are, I urge you to do some reading. This list is on Good Reads is a great place to start.

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  1. This is all such great stuff, even as that seems weird to say about anything related to racism. Sounds like you turned that corner with Dale, too. I’m sure your library patrons recognize the care you and your team put into getting them books, including the concern for them reflected in your curbside system.

  2. I’m in agreement with Robby and the good stuff. I so wish my libraries were open for curbside pick up, but it’s not like I don’t have books to read. I’m very glad that Dale is continuing to heal, and especially that he feels like himself again. I’m continuing to send all the good healing thoughts!

  3. My library will soon be implementing curbside pick up as well and I can’t wait! 🙂

    (also, YAY Dale!!)

  4. Such good news on Dale!! I don’t think my library is offering curbside pick up yet. I need to check to see if I can drop off books (I still have Mexican Daughter which I finished months ago!!).

  5. Such good news for you and Dale! I’ve still got Mexican Daughter at home too! And thank-you for the link to the list Carole. I like that there are so many offerings!

  6. It may be random, but you’ve got some good stuff in those three items! I’m delighted to hear that Dale is feeling like himself again — that’s a big step forward. And hooray for library books being available again! Our library just announced it’s going to be offering curbside pickup later this month, I think, but of course I’ve been making liberal use of digital borrows. Thank you for sharing the list of antiracism titles. I’m happy to see that I’ve already read a handful of them and have several more on my TBR list. I know that I have a lot of work to do still, but it’s good to know that I’m headed in the right direction.

  7. Our library has been open by appointment only for the past couple of weeks, and continues curb-side service, too.

    SO HAPPY to hear the news about Dale!! “Feeling yourself” is HUGE! Continued healing and good juju!

    “Fortunate” isn’t the right word… but I feel something like “fortunate” for having experienced the anti-racism conversation/work via Ravelry last year. I acknowledged my White Privilege then… I FEEL it now… it’s insidious. It’s easy to become complacent, which is what I did (White Privilege), but I’ve committed to doing something tangible every single day, and making anti-racism work a part of my life because it’s one of those things that will require constant attention.

  8. Great to read that Dale is coming along so well… and that every day is a lot better for you both. My heart claps your library’s offering of curbside pickup…we’re able to enter our branch (here in DC) to return and pick up reserves. I look forward to the days of browsing to return soon.
    My mother oft said “this too shall pass.” I keep that thought forefront.
    have a great weekend.

  9. My local library will begin curbside service next week. Very excited! And hooray that Dale’s recovering well. 🙂

  10. I noticed the last time you wrote about George Floyd and racism nobody addressed your comments. I believe it was Jun 3d. I’m glad some folks answered today. Like my sis says there are two Americas! Do away with private prisons, choke holds, continually train officers to deescalate violence, demilitarize police e.g. riot gear and getting cast off weapons from the armed services. I’m leaning towards body cams.
    ConfabNE says:
    “Here are some specific actions you can take. Write to your local and state representatives, senators, governors and congress people asking them what measures they plan to demonstrate and commit to protect black people, including black trans, queer and gender non-conforming people. Be active in your town’s elections, suggesting education, healthcare and community programs that benefit people of color. Run for office to ensure the changes. Ask your police departments to participate in trainings focusing on systemic racism and police brutality. Hold local police accountable for acts of racism.
    These are just some steps we can take to fight for the freedom of all people of color. By doing even a small part, individuals, families and communities can begin the healing process and love and support one another. And, most importantly, save black and brown lives.”
    BTW Way to go Dale and Carole!

  11. Oh my goodness! I can’t believe it has been 4 weeks since Dale was hit by a car. I’m so glad to read that his recovery is going well. Sending good thoughts his way! 🙂 Thank you for sharing your Good Reads list. I will check it out.

  12. That’s good news for Dale. Glad he’s feeling better and getting around without the wheelchair. It probably feels really good to be upright. Also exciting that your library is offering curbside pickup.

    Thanks for the Goodread link, I’m on their occasionally to rate books but don’t always remember to check out their lists. I’m reading and listening on Instagram and have added to my list from that. I have read a few from the list and own another already that is in my to be read soon pile. I’m glad we got to read Just Mercy for book club as that would have been one I also would have wanted to read now.

  13. So very happy to hear Dale has made great progress and he’s feeling more like himself. Outpatient PT gives such a feeling of accomplishment. He’ll do well! Our local library started curbside this week, too. We pull in to our designated parking space, the librarian comes out and asks our name (they are masked) and then puts the books on a bookcase at the top of our parking space. It was a smooth process and so welcome! I am committed to being an Anti-racists, too!

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