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Oh, Tuesday

I feel like Tuesday is the black hole of blogging. We’ve already talked about the weekend, Wednesday is for knitting and reading, Thursday is for 3 things and Friday is for a pretty photo. Remember back in the day when we did Ten On Tuesday? That ran it’s course but it was a great theme for a long time. I’ve considered coming up with a weekly theme again for Tuesdays but I don’t want to regiment every day of the blog. And I’ve considered not blogging at all on Tuesdays but that doesn’t sit right with me. So right now Tuesday is this sort of wide open day for blogging . . . which can be nice, if you’ve got a topic you want to discuss . . . but can be daunting if you don’t have much to say.

All of this is to say . . . I don’t have much to say! I do have a few photos to show you, though. They fill me with joy.

We went 2 full months without seeing Jackie at all but Dale’s accident changed all that and if that’s not a silver lining I don’t know what is.

Cheers to Tuesdays, friends.

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  1. This post sounds like my now shorter weekly catch-up call to my parents that invariably ends with us agreeing, “Not much new here.” during these days of staying mostly home. Doesn’t mean it isn’t good to touch base.

  2. Jackie has grown so much and he is simply darling!!! Great pictures Carole. And, a great silver lining.

  3. Jackie just gets cuter and cuter! (Those soft curls… oh my!) I’m so glad you’re able to enjoy those snuggles and kisses and smiles again!

  4. Precious photos, Carole, and the joy is clearly evident in them. I think that’s a great Tuesday post.

  5. What a cutie! How about “Tuesdays with Jackie”? He deserves his own day and he brings happiness.

  6. Grandkids are the bomb!!! As in sparkly explosions of joy, energy and love!!

  7. That is a blessing! I can’t get over how much Jackie has grown. The really do grow up so fast! Hope Dale is continuing to heel well and quickly.

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