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Looking Back: September 2020

It’s time to take a look back at the month of September.

First, the photos:

And next: the videos.

And finally: the questions.

What did I learn? 
I don’t know if I actually learned this last month but I’m definitely developing a deep appreciation for the comforts of home. I’m finding ways to make it special, with flowers and decorating and prepping special treats. I think this will become a greater challenge as the days grow shorter and the temperatures turn colder so I’m holding on to what I’m learning and hoping I can continue to make it feel special to just be at home.

What was my greatest accomplishment? 
See those 3 apple pies? One is mine, that’s no big deal, but the other two were made by Jessica and Hannah. Yep. I had a day in the kitchen with my girls and we made apple pies together to celebrate Mabon. I’ve never been one of those moms who enjoys cooking with her children so planning this was definitely out of my comfort zone. We had a great time, though, and I’m so proud of the way their pies came out.

Where did I go? 
I stayed home and I went to work. There was a socially distanced birthday party for me at Sean’s, which was lovely. A few walks outside. And a photoshoot for Jackie at a local park. Mostly, though, we were home.

Who did I spend time with? And what did we do? 
Dale, of course. We ate cheese, hahahaha! There were a few dances in the kitchen, too. Also my coworkers. Our library is open 2 days/week and doing curbside pick up 2 days/week. We’ve developed a routine to handle these services and everyone has really pitched in to make it successful.

What brought me joy? 
I certainly found joy in flowers this month. All those dahlias plus my own zinnias and a bouquet from a local florist. I have such a deep appreciation for the beauty of having fresh flowers all around me.

What do I want to remember? 
How good it feels to be home. I’m so grateful for where we live and the coziness of our house. I predict this is going to become more challenging so I really want to remember to appreciate it.

On to October!

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  1. I almost spit out my coffee reading “We ate cheese” LOL Oh man! Best line ever (and so perfectly true!) What a fun month!

  2. Beautiful flowers and food! I was a little surprised to read that you don’t much enjoy cooking with your kids, but those pies look like you work well outside of your comfort zone. I’m not sure I liked cooking with my kids when they lived at home but how I wish I could do it now!

  3. If anyone can make a home cozy, Carole, it is you! I have no doubts you will continue to do so even as the seasons change. September looks like it was a really good month for you guys.

  4. Home is where the heart is right? I’m with you though thinking we could be facing a very long dark period at home soon. I’m staying outside on the weekends with the power of propane for as long as possible! 🙂 Your September looks terrific.

  5. I love how colorful your month was – all the flowers are gorgeous! and the food looks delicious. and of course seeing Dale take steps all by himself! (also, little Jackie making the dandelion wish is just precious). What a great recap, Carole!

  6. You are a master at making a home look beautiful and comfortable. I have always enjoyed seeing your decor and the way you make a space cozy. You really upped your game with the gorgeous flowers and your “story” continues through the generations with the apple pies. Cooking together is a wonderful thing to share!

  7. Looks like you had a joy-full September. I’m back to having flowers on the kitchen table and it makes such a HUGE difference having seasonal color to look at all the time.

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