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Rambling Wednesday

I meant to show you this photo last month, it’s our front door decorated for fall.

A few mums and grasses. Some pumpkins and gourds. A wreath from a local farm stand. And . . . if you look closely . . . you can see my reflection in the glass. I had just come back from a walk down back.

Speaking of down back . . .

It’s gorgeous right now. And also changing rapidly. I took this photo last Thursday and when I walked again on Monday I was surprised that so much of that green is now orange.

It’s a great reminder to stop and pause and take a look around.

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  1. I am envious of your “down back”, Carole. I wish I had a place to walk that was not so urban. It looks like the perfect place to stroll and observe nature.

  2. Lovely! I also wish I had a “down back”. I have plenty of walk routes in MD and NJ but most of them include people, sidewalks, and incessantly barking dogs. I’ll need to find the “down back” in my mind.

  3. What a beautiful place for you to get out and walk!!! My neighborhood is quite lovely right now — but nothing like your “down back!” How wonderful that you’ll be able to watch the seasons change on your walks. XO

  4. My walking and running route is pretty much the same, so I see the same trees every day, and it’s amazing how one can be green one day and red or yellow the next. Just one reason why this is my favorite time of year!

  5. I love your doorstep decor! I have pumpkins and gourds on my porch, too, but not as beautifully displayed as yours. Thanks for an idea or two for next year! We’ve had an amazing fall, but we had a freeze last night that took out much of what is left of the garden. The leaves will now turn gold, almost before your eyes. Winter just gave it’s first warning shot!

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