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Three On Thursday

Here it is, friends, the last day of 2020. And while I know nothing magical happens at midnight to guarantee that 2021 will be better, I’m still not sad to say goodbye to this year. Today, in the interest of embracing good things for 2021, I am sharing 3 things I think you should consider doing as we usher in January.

  1. Sign up for Yoga with Adriene’s 30 day yoga journey; the theme this year is Breathe. I signed up last year when Juliann blogged about it and I’m so glad I did. I finished the whole month and it started me on a yoga journey for the year that was on then off and then on again in a big way. Adriene is wonderful. She’s kind and welcoming and really sort of adorable. And this program is free. It might just change your life if you give it a chance.
  2. Choose a word for the year. And sign up to take Ali Edward’s One Little Word class. I’ll be announcing my word tomorrow and I think it’s pretty perfect for how I want to approach 2021. I had a big time with Open last year but I’m ready for a different exploration of myself this year and I think you’ll see my word reflect that. If you haven’t made this decision yet it’s not too late and I highly encourage you to give this a go. It’s always fascinating to see where my words take me and I predict you will feel the same if you try this. Also, Carolyn of Your One Word will be hosting our monthly reflections this year and I’m excited to see where we all go with her!
  3. Create a 21 in 2021 list. This is something that Gretchen and Elizabeth of the Happier Podcast have done for the last few years. I actually started a list last year and never finished it as I just never felt the push to get it done. A premonition of what was to come in 2020? Perhaps. This year, though, I’m planning a list and I think it will work perfectly not only with my OLW but as a reminder to focus on the things that really matter and the goals I really want to accomplish.

So, three ideas to start 2021 off right. Who is with me?

If you wrote a post for today be sure and include your link below. See ya later, 2020.

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  1. I generally pick a word but don’t do much with it. Last year I forgot what it was – typical 2020 right? I like the 21 in 21 and will start my list today! (Adrienne will come with retirement!) Happy New Year Carole!

  2. I’m not doing a word this year. I’ve chosen a word the past few years and then have never gotten into it. But…I have signed up for Adrienne’s program! Happy New Year Carole!

  3. Yes, yes, and yes! I am still working on my 21 in 21 list but my OLW kit should arrive today and I have my word and I have a permanent place for my yoga mat. Walking into 2021 without too much looking back.

  4. I signed up for Adriene’s January yoga program last year with the best of intentions but ended up doing not even a single day. I think I need to try again this year. I’ve done so much this year to be healthier, and I think incorporating yoga is a good step in continuing that practice. I also did some craft-related 20 in 2020 lists this year, but I’m considering a more general list for 2021. Here’s to putting 2020 behind us!

  5. With a docket like this to start the new year, I think I’d want to block out the world for the whole month of January and just BE IN IT! Enjoy the new beginnings. And I’ll tune in tomorrow…One Word reveals are a version of Christmas morning, for me.

  6. I’m with you . . . for 2 out of 3 (which, according to Meatloaf, ain’t bad)! I’m IN (every day) for Yoga with Adriene. And I’m IN for another year with Ali and One Little Word. But . . . you and Gretchen can do your 21 for 2021 without me, I’m afraid. 😉
    Happy New Year, my friend! I can’t wait to see where 2021 takes you. XOXO

  7. Just signed up with Adriene. Will ask my daughter in Seattle to join as a partner. We’re about as far apart in the continental US as you can get (me FL, her WA) but this could be a way to connect on a daily basis. Thanks for the invite.

    1. And I just invited my Mom, my three sisters, my brother, and my son, in addition to my daughter… 😀

  8. I’ve got my 2021 word but I can’t go public with my goals or commit in writing to exercise. The moment I do, the childish “you can’t make me!” part of myself kicks in and sadly, that side of me is loud and determined. But I know about this side of me and I have learned to keep secrets from myself. ?
    Happy New Year!

  9. I will give yoga a try (it can’t hurt, right?), I’m completely undecided about a word or if I’ll choose one at all, and 21 in 2021 holds no appeal for me. (I might have participated for 4 in 2004!) Happy New Year, Carole!

  10. Ohhh…I did Adriene’s “Home” 30-day series this year and really liked it. I may do her new one beginning tomorrow too. Thanks for the head’s up. Happy New Year!

  11. Good ideas… I’m looking into a different yoga program to start, and need to figure out when/how to work it into my day, but yeah.

    Have a wonderful new year, Carole!!

  12. Great food for thought, Carole. Adrienne’s classes are very calm and yet encouraging, and when I do them, I enjoy them. I should sign up, so thanks for reminding me. I hope this year allows us to take all the things we have learned about ourselves into 2021 and continue the journey in a positive way. Happy, Happy New Year to you!

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