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Hello there! How was your weekend? What did you do?

It was a quiet weekend over here and that was just what I wanted, frankly. It started Thursday night with our Kiwanis zoom meeting. Hannah joined us, bribing us with snacks if we allowed her to do laundry. Hmmm. Hummus and veggies for the use of my washer and dryer? Yes, please.

On Friday I had Jackie in the afternoon. We’re back to our weekly time together, thank goodness. Lately we’ve been baking together, something we both enjoy. Last week we made banana bread and this week it was Swedish almond cake. Jackie is so proud of everything he cooks and I hope these are times he will remember. We had our Friday Night Snacks ritual in the evening and we played Phase 10. Dale won. Whatevs.

On Saturday morning I was up early, which is my usual routine. But it was a gray and rainy morning so after Dale got up I headed back to our bedroom with my book and a cup of coffee. I spent some good time reading in bed, something I rarely do. It was lovely. In the late afternoon we watched a few episodes of The Crown, I made a calzone, and we played Phase 10. I won. Clearly I have mad skillz.

On Sunday morning my poor guy woke up with vertigo. He spent the better part of the day sleeping, trying to overcome the dizziness. The left me to my own devices so I spent my time reading, knitting, catching up on my One Little Word lessons with Ali Edwards, and making a delicious broccoli cheese soup. I also had to do the chores that Dale normally takes care of, like cleaning up the kitchen and bringing in firewood. Boo.

Dale rallied enough to watch some football. I’ll tell you what I’ve learned this season: I thought I was a Pats fan (and I still am, sort of) but mostly I’m a Tom Brady fan and I was happy to see Tampa Bay win and advance to the next round of play offs. There was no Phase 10.

On Monday, Dale felt better – hooray! It wasn’t that different than Sunday otherwise. I did some knitting and reading. I took some photos of a recently finished hand knit. I blocked my Dissent Cowl. In the late afternoon we finished The Crown and ate leftover calzone. We rounded out the evening with Phase 10. Dale won. I’m sure he cheated.

And that’s the weekend that was. I’m hoping the peace and calm I felt will carry me through the week ahead.

Oh yeah. The amaryllis hasn’t bloomed. Yet.

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic weekend-except maybe cleaning up the kitchen [which seems never ending at my house]. I have’t read in bed in the mornings in ages-hmmm may need to give that a try!

  2. Like. (I get to read in bed every morning! It is a great delight of being retired.)

  3. I like that time in bed reading (and the cover of that book)! Maybe the amaryllis is waiting until Joe Biden is President?

  4. It sounds like a perfect winter weekend, Carole. Except that vertigo thing . . . Those amaryllis take their own, sweet time to bloom. (I think Bonny is right. It’s waiting for Joe.) XO

  5. Sounds like a perfect weekend for you. I have benign vertigo, and it is a bitch. I hope Dale continues to feel better. It seems to pop up at the most inopportune times. A watched plant never blooms, or at least blooms when you are not looking. I hope it is glorious when it does, then it will have been worth it. Looking forward to a picture of that and your finished objects. Do you have a link for the soup? I seem to have an abundance of broccoli and cheese these days.

  6. Sorry about Dale’s vertigo – hopefully a thing of the past now. Reading in bed? It has been ages since I did that and, like others, I may have to get back to doing that! I had never heard of Phase 10, so I googled it…how different is it from regular Rummy?

  7. Here’s hoping Dale is still doing well! Saturday was a perfect day to stay under the covers. Looks like a wonderful weekend Carole!

  8. Hope Dale’s vertigo is all gone. It is an awful feeling to have. I have had minor vertigo a few times. My father had an attack at my niece’s over the summer and ended up in an ambulance to the ER as he’d never had it before and no one knew what was wrong. 92 and his first ambulance ride, all he had to say was that it was a bumpy ride.

    Glad the rest of your weekend was nice.

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