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Hello, February

I love when the first day of the month falls on a Monday, don’t you? It’s the perfect clean slate.

Today we welcome the possibility of February.

February is Black History Month, perhaps making is a time to reflect on our work with anti-racism.

February is American Heart Month, a time to wear read and maybe recommit to heart healthy movement and eating.

February brings us Valentine’s Day, an opportunity to celebrate all the ways love shows up for us every day, through partners, friends, neighbors, colleagues, family, pets, and more.

February, when extra kind, sometimes delivers the first signs of spring in the form of snow drops and crocus and other tender green things shooting up from the earth.

February gives those of us in the public sector a Monday holiday, a welcome respite.

February 1st is a chance to honor our pagan ancestors and celebrate imbolc, a time when the hardest part of the year was over and preparations for spring began. A time to burn candles in every room, keep the fire going all night long, and make space for new beginnings and possibilities. One popular feeling of the time was that bad weather on imbolc meant good weather in the summer. Given that we’re getting hit with a nor-easter today and tomorrow I’m embracing that omen whole heartedly.

What are you embracing this February?

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  1. Let us be honest. February’s greatest feature is that it’s not January. Where I live, we are often blessed with some fine Spring-like days and those make January all worth it.

  2. Happy February, Carole!
    (I think that January just zipped by this year. Which is so weird . . . because it usually just drags on and on!) Enjoy your snowstorm! XO

  3. February is not my favorite month, but I’m embracing my growing amaryllis, glowing candles, hot tea, and the fact that I will have help shoveling and plowing over the next two days.

  4. February is… short! And that’s OK by me!

    Maybe it’s the month that my Christmas tree comes down, too. 😉

    (March will also be a “first day on Monday” month!)

  5. The snowdrops are coming up in my garden! I am always so happy to see them. The days are noticeably longer and I don’t mind the snow so much because of that (we don’t have the amount that you do!).

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