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Three On Thursday

It’s a link party this Thursday in more ways than one. There’s the usual place for you to add a link to your blog post of three things, of course. But my list this week . . . also links. Three of them. All to things I’ve found interesting/newsworthy/important.

  1. Maggie Smith talks about her book Keep Moving on NPR’s Life Kit podcast. I think I should get bonus points for this link since she shares three ways she personally keeps moving.
  2. The Modern Mrs. Darcy offers up 18 backlist titles worth reading. You never know, one of these could show up for the Read With Us book club!
  3. A list of 17 Black women that are making change (and history!) today. Read about them. Follow them. Be inspired by them.

And that’s my (short) post for this week. Don’t forget to add your link!

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  1. I’m happy to see that I’ve read a few of those backlist titles and that I recognized quite a few names among those phenomenal Black women!

  2. Ooo! I am with Sarah! I have read several of those backlist titles and recognize (and respect) a good number of those phenomenal Black women!

  3. Great links. I have had that Maggie Smith book on hold for a long time – it is quite popular. And I am happy to see some of the women I have been following on that list of women making change. Thanks

  4. I LOVE that backlist list and am already thinking about several titles we might choose for our next Read With Us book. And I might even watch the Super Bowl (the pre-show anyway) since Amanda Gorman will be reciting poetry! That is the best news I have heard in a long time; thanks, Carole!

  5. this, from your #1: “…trying to look at things in a way that are sort of proportionate to their size. [S]ometimes I think our emotional response can be outsized if we’re stressed. And so trying to…look at the size of the problem.” I was reading something similar in Brene Brown a few days ago. Let me just say it’s the most challenging, for me, of the three Maggie Smith listed! (And worth the work.)
    Thanks to Bonny for the Superbowl tip! I didn’t know!

  6. such great links, Carole – thank you! My church bookclub always reads backlist and Anne’s list was helpful. funny – my neighborhood seems to like new releases (Vanishing Half and The Guest List are the first two books for this year) and I have to choose book #3 … it’s hard because I mostly read back list! I just started The Wife Upstairs and since it’s set in Birmingham I think it could be really fun. (could be. I never like to choose a book I haven’t already read…)

  7. Thanks for the links, Carole. I need a back list of reading suggestions these days and the other links look very interesting as well.

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