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Three On Thursday

This week I’ve got a random list of 3 things I’m thinking about.

  1. Spring Cleaning. Have you been following Kym’s blog this week as she has talked about this? I’m not much for the whole process but I did start a list of things that have been bothering me that I need to address. A shelf in the kitchen that’s out of control. The dust at the very top of my kitchen cabinets. Some paperwork that needs to be sorted. I took the quiz at Clutterbug and I’m definitely a ladybug. I like things neat and tidy but watch out if you open a cabinet because something is likely to fall out and hit you on the head.
  2. You know I have a deep and abiding love for the Oscars and for many years we’ve had a quest to see all of the Best Picture nominees. Since the pandemic, though, I have completely lost interest in this. It’s ironic, really, since the process of seeing all of the movies now couldn’t be simpler . . . they are all available online. Hannah is all in for this year and is working on me to start watching. I told her I’d make a checklist, at least, but I’m pretty ambivalent.
  3. I’ve been working on a list of blog ideas, trying to have some topics ready for those days when I don’t have anything to say. One of the things I came up with was an “Ask Me Anything” post. Of course, that means I need some questions to answer. So, if you’re willing, ask me a question in the comments, something you’ve wondered about me or my life . . . anything at all. I’ll answer them all in a future post.

If you wrote a post for today please include your link below. And don’t forget to send me your questions for a future Ask Me Anything post.

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  1. #1 brought me down memory lane to our Tupperware cupboard when I was a kid. Landslide…! Guess my mom was a ladybug, too 🙂 Made me smile.

  2. Thanks for the link to that quiz! I have suspicions about where I fall in the categories, but I am off to see if I am right.

    As to questions, I’d love to hear more about your work at the library! (I know that’s not a question — maybe “Will you please tell us more about what you do at your job?”)

  3. I took the quiz, thought I would be a cricket, but was surprised to find that I’m a ladybug, too. I should have known that from the number of baskets I use.
    Some questions for you:
    How did you and Dale meet?
    What do you enjoy (and not enjoy) about being a selectman?
    If you had to name a favorite book, what one would you choose? If you can’t choose just one book, how about a favorite author?
    What is your proudest accomplishment?
    I like your “Ask Me Anything” idea! (I’ve considered it, but have never been quite brave enough to attempt it.)

  4. Okay. I think Ask Me Anything is a brilliant idea!!! Here are my questions for you:
    1 – What’s your biggest pet peeve?
    2 – What do you consider to be your main “superpower”?
    3 – Do you mind if I copy this idea????


  5. I am a Bee which surprised me a bit. I have been thinking about spring cleaning all week too.
    My questions:
    Did you always know you wanted to be a librarian?
    What do you love most about working at a library? Least?
    Do you feel more pressure to read all the books?

  6. my question is about your meal planning. I think you’ve talked about this before, but in the current environment, how do you plan for shopping and meals for the week? Are you planning for leftovers or do you make something different each evening? Does Dale do any of the cooking other than grilling?

  7. I’m a BEE! Busy busy bee. I’ve been motivated to make a spring cleaning list… a few tasks added to the list of things that I usually do in spring!

    I’ve been kind of MEH about the movies, too. I love that they’re all so accessible… but I really miss GOING to the movies!

    That’s a great blog idea (which I may someday borrow)! I have gathered that your house is comfy & cozy, and not very big. I know that you switch out decor seasonally, including curtains/drapes… and my question is: Where & how do you store the off-season stuff?

  8. I’m a butterfly … Love visual abundance and organizational simplicity. You are a really visual person and for you, it’s out-of-sight, out-of-mind. You need visual, but fast and easy systems, like clear or wire bins and baskets and lots of hooks. Hmmmm, definitely need ‘fast and easy systems’!! I would love for my house to be more like yours, cozy – warm – inviting – and PICKED UP! My clutter (as you know) gets away from me continuously. I’ve been working on tackling that issue, and doing a lot of spring cleaning lately, so maybe I’m coming into a new system!

    I’m shocked that you haven’t been excited about the Oscars!

    Here’s a question … since you’re a strong, confident woman working in government, how do you deal with the people who have a problem dealing with a woman in power?

  9. I am a butterfly. I love a clean house, and I don’t really mind cleaning, but I have a lot of clutter. My mother started trying to teach me to put things away when I was a child, but it never stuck. I like spring cleaning, believe it or not. It feels like a new beginning, in the best way.
    What are the fall back recipes you make over and over again? I wish someone would do a post about this so I could get some new ideas. Cooking dinner must happen daily, and variety is not my superpower. I know this is a boring question, but it is something I struggle with daily.
    What are the books that you have read over the years that you still think about?
    What is your greatest epiphany?
    I think I went from concrete to abstract in my questions – LOL

  10. What a fun idea: “Ask me Anything?” I’m a former librarian too and I’ll be most interested in your responses to those questions about your work. I’d also like to know – with a full time job + – when you prep your blog posts. Looking forward to your follow up post/s…


  11. OK…now I have to take the quiz. I see everyone identifying as some kind of bug and I need to know what kind of bug I am! 🙂

    Ask me anything:
    What is your favorite movie of all time?
    What is one thing you have done that has taken some courage on your part?

  12. I want to know about your skincare and make-up routines! In every picture I see of you, you are glowing. (also, are you still selling LipSense?)

  13. I too would like to know how you and Dale met. I love to hear how couples meet, fall in love and get married. I also feel that people like to reminisce and talk about it. So what’s your story?

    p.s. I’m a Cricket!

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