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21 In 2021 Update

Back in January I shared my list of 21 things I want to accomplish in 2021. Now that we’re 1/4 of the way into the year I thought it would be a good idea to check in and see how I’m doing with my list.

  1. Run for selectman again
  2. Renew passports
  3. Deal with the big bag of socks (still sitting on the floor in my bedroom but on the list for spring cleaning)
  4. Get an estimate for the dining room floor (wedding expenses and outside work have taken precedent but I’m still hopeful we can do this later in the year)
  5. Learn to knit brioche (but also a work in progress as I haven’t learned increases/decreases and I still get confused frequently)
  6. Learn to knit intarsia (not yet)
  7. Complete 2 creative writing prompts each month (on track)
  8. Celebrate the 8 Sabbats (on going and on track as I have observed Imbolc and Ostara)
  9. Learn about crystals (not yet)
  10. Complete my Peloton Century Ride
  11. Learn to make stuffed artichokes for Jessica (not yet)
  12. Learn to make Italian meatballs (and I’ve made them twice!)
  13. Take a virtual cooking class (I took a class from the New Orleans School of Cooking with Jo-Ann)
  14. Bake with Jackie (We have made banana bread [his favorite so far] and also chocolate chip cookies and rice krispies treats)
  15. Keep Mama Cass alive & bake sourdough bread regularly (so far, so good)
  16. Plant flower and vegetable beds (not yet but it’s about time to get the soil prepped)
  17. Watch a movie outside (not yet)
  18. Do two puzzles (not yet)
  19. Learn one new skill, ideally something to do outside (not yet and I don’t even have any ideas for this one)
  20. Do all 12 OLW Prompts (on going and on track, I have done 3 months so far and I’m working on April)
  21. Get all the golden tools in Animal Crossings (on going and on track, I have the golden axe, the golden slingshot, and the golden watering can)

All in all I’d say that’s pretty good. I’ve completed 7 items and I’m on track with almost all of the others. I’ll check back in with this at the 6th month mark . . . wish me luck!

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  1. I was thinking #19 could involve Jackie. You two can learn something together like pizza gardens.

  2. You’ve crossed some pretty big things off so far and have made excellent progress on many others! I hope that the weather cooperates and you’re able to get to some of the outdoors items soon.

  3. You are making some excellent progress on this massive list! (and I love Bonny’s suggestions! or perhaps you could join my son who is trying to learn fly fishing!)

    1. Similar to geocaching, letterboxing ( is a fun, kid-friendly activity. And a little addictive! We’ve done some in the mountains, at a local park–and even one in our library stacks!

  4. wow, Carole – you’ve made a LOT of progress! I love all the outdoor suggestions. Mine would be something to do with a grill (pizza, perhaps?)

  5. You are on track, Carole, and with all that is going on, that’s impressive. Since you like cooking, eating, and outdoor deck living, I would suggest something like learning how to smoke meat or cooking in the firepit Scout-style. I bet Jackie would love that. Off to check my own list! I am making great headway on cleaning out closets, donating, and spring cleaning. I would like to be done with it soon, but we shall see. I also have reading to do!

  6. Last year I bought an indigo dye kit and learned how to dye yarns and fabrics. That is definitely an outdoors project.

  7. New-skill-for-outside ideas: Kayak or SUPaddleboarding? How to prune your shrubs? Hiking (with an eye on the Iceland adventure coming up. . . )? Making “posies” or flower-arranging from your own garden? Preserving herbs or making various vinegars? Bird identification (but I think you’ve already got this one. . . )?

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