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One Little Word Update: May 2021

It’s the 4th Tuesday of the month and that means it’s time to join up with Carolyn and share how I’m doing with my 2021 One Little Word: Create.

The prompt this month for One Little Word was on photography. Specifically, creating feelings through photography. Now, I take a lot of photos. Even though I’ve let go of the Project 365 thing I still take a photo just about every day. Sometimes they are good and I share them on Instagram and other times they are just for me. When I considered how I wanted to use my photography to create feelings, though, I decided to use the photos I took back in April for the Pieces of Us project.

I chose 5 that created feelings I wanted to embrace. Hope, Trust, Engaged, Strong, and Joyful. I used my Polaroid Zip to print out 2×3 sticker photos and I put each one on a different 4×6 piece of cardstock and wrote a few sentences about why the photo made me feel a particular way. It was fast and easy, the way I prefer documenting this project to be, but the thought and emotion that went into the whole process was definitely not fast. Or easy. And that’s just the way I prefer that part to be, too.

My journey with create is feeling very good right now. Grounded. Purposeful. Satisfying. It’s been a good word so far.

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  1. I love seeing how you are using Ali Edwards prompts! I also love that you are *doing* the prompts… I would love to but I’d get stymied by the process.

  2. What a great way to document your feelings, Carole. I love seeing you embrace “create” – in so many ways – this year. And what a fun way to play with this month’s prompt, too. XO

  3. What a great prompt and you did it beautifully. I’ve always thought you were a most creative person!

  4. You were creative with this photography prompt, and I love the emotions you chose to portray through photos. It’s only May and I think you’ve already had a satisfying journey with create (and shared that journey in creative ways).

  5. Your visuals are so powerful, Carole. And your level of artistry–while it’s quick for you, just looking at your gorgeous presentation of it…I can’t even imagine how long that would take me. I love the words + corresponding pictures you chose. What a fantastic exercise!

  6. Your word + AE prompts = perfection! and I think this month was surely custom-made just for you 🙂 also, intrigued by the Polaroid ZIP printer – have you had it long? do you love it? is it hard to setup/use?

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