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One Little Word Update: June 2021

It’s the 4th Tuesday of the month and that means it’s time to join up with Carolyn and share how I’m doing with my 2021 One Little Word: Create.

It seems unreasonable to me, but we’re at the halfway point of the year, and the prompt this month was all about reflecting on where we are with our words. I spent some time considering the questions, which ranged from simple ones like in one or two words, your OLW experience so far has been to more complex ones like three challenges you’ve faced related to your word. And after considering . . . a lot . . . over a period of time . . . I sat down and wrote out my answers in my OLW binder.

Another part of the prompt was to go back and read what we wrote in January and consider whether those thoughts still apply, whether we’ve forgotten some of our intentions with regards to our word, whether we need to make adjustments to help make our word fulfilling for the second half of the year. I found this to be helpful as it reminded me of some specific things I planned for this word and I made a note of a few things I want to accomplish.

The thing that comes back to me over and over again about create is how different it is from open, which was my 2020 year. That word was so emotional for me, in a year that was pretty emotional to begin with. The word create is much less fraught with feelings and I’m glad I chose it for that reason alone. It’s a word that feels tangible and manageable after a year of chaos and stress and it’s just what I needed.

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  1. Create sounds refreshing, period–but especially so after an intense year with a word. Here’s to the next half.

  2. Tangible and manageable after emotional and chaotic sounds like what we all need! I’m glad create is turning out to be just what you needed.

  3. It’s so nice when we choose the Just Right word for ourselves! I’m so glad “create” is just what you need right now. XO

  4. I am with you on wondering how on we got to mid-year already! How on earth?? May the remainder of the year be full in a way that reflects create in your life! XO

  5. I can hear my mother telling me to stop wishing my life away, but I am glad we are halfway through this year! It has been a year of recovery for me, and I hope you are creating your way to recovery as well. A less chaotic and stressful time is what we all need, so here’s hoping that’s what we get. I hope you are able to create peace and harmony in your world.

  6. I think your word is a nurturing word which might be just what you needed after all the exploring your did with Open last year.

  7. “Fraught with feelings” is a great way to sum up so much of last year (even without a challenging word like Open!) … and I’m glad 2021 – and your OLW – are allowing you to fill up in other ways.

  8. The essence of create is the idea of changing, examining, reflecting, etc. It is an ever evolving process, and you’ve got this.

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