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Wednesdays Are For Knitting: My Brioche Cowl

Notice that headline? A brioche cowl? Not a brioche hat? Yep. That brioche hat kicked my ass. Well, not so much the hat itself as I pretty much got the hang of knitting round and round in brioche stitch. But the decreases? Forget about it. I messed them up every time I tried and, let me tell you, tinking back in brioche is no picnic. In the end, I took Kym’s advice and I turned the hat into a cowl.

I like it. The yarn, Purl Soho Cashmere Merino Bloom is so soft and fuzzy and warm.

It’s kind of perfect as a cowl, actually, so long as I don’t think about how I had to give up. (I hates giving up.)

And, truthfully, I’m more likely to wear a cowl than I am a hat.

I guess you could say I did learn to knit brioche, which was one of my goals for 2021. I didn’t learn to knit decreases in brioche but I never said I would.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

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  1. Lovely cowl!
    I also struggle with brioche decreases. It might be a little easier in 2 color brioche. Nothing bad about making cowls and scarves though šŸ™‚
    However what is truly very difficult is tinking back brioche and you got that, so level unlocked!

  2. Gorgeous cowl! I have tried brioche and have never found success so go you! (decreases and brioche make my head hurt!)

  3. It looks fantastic as a cowl! I am confident that one day you’ll conquer those decreases; you just weren’t in the right place for them yet.

    1. Oh, and I meant to add that decreases might be easier if you work in two colors. I know using more than one color seems more complicated, but the two colors do make it easier to see what’s going on with the stitches. The next time you’re feeling up to trying decreases again, consider doing a two-color project.

  4. I think knitting should be fun and relaxing, not crazy-making. A nice challenge is a good thing every once in a while, and I think you’ve met it successfully. You didn’t give up, just wisely reconsidered your goal!

  5. I love it! You’ll wear it well my friend. And decreases? What decreases? šŸ™‚

  6. It is a DIVINE cowl! Really . . . I think that yarn/pattern just wanted to be a cowl-not-a-hat all along. It will be just perfect when the cold winds blow again. (But not THIS day.) XO

  7. That’s a great solution to your problem! Kym gets points! Sometimes it is wiser to revise a goal rather than create more stress! That cowl is gorgeous, and you did meet your goal, so your story _is_ factual. You turned a frustrating make into a great alternative make which will be greatly enjoyed next winter. Win/Win!

  8. that cowl looks like the perfect bit of warmth to have around your neck (once it gets a little colder, which it will)! well done!

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