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Wednesdays Are For Knitting

As promised, I knit a bunch while on vacation in Maine. Did I make as much progress as I’d hoped? Of course not. I mean, we’re knitters, do we ever knit as fast as we think we will? I can see you all nodding your heads in agreement.

Here is the current state of sock number one of the wedding socks:

I call them Something Blue. It should be much further along, however, after knitting the picot edge and the lace panel and another inch or so on the drive to Maine I took a look and . . . they were much too big. I actually listened to the voice in my head for a change and I immediately ripped them out and started over in the smaller size. They are much better now and I’m not really worried about getting them finished in time.

I’m not showing you the sweater but I will just say that . . . I’m worried. The lace portion of the bottom is done and I’m on the main part which is all stockinette. You’d think that would go quickly but did I mention lace weight yarn? And size two needles? Yeah. That’s why I’m worried.

It’s all good, though. Really. I swear.

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  1. Good move listening to the voice in your head. I mean, totally not a traditional knitter move, and in general voices in your head can be sketchy, but a boss choice this time. I’m doubling down on my bet on you.

  2. I’m glad you listened to the voice in your head about the socks — nothing is worse than slouchy socks (at least when they’re not meant to be slouchy)! As to the sweater, sounds like you need a good binge-watch session or some good audiobooks queued up!

  3. The socks are perfection, Carole. I love the color — and the pattern is so sweet. Sending the good juju for the sweater. (Everything will be fine.) (Everything will be fine.) (Everything will be fine.) (If you say it often enough, you’ll start to believe it.) XOXO

  4. I really like the sock pattern you chose and the color is perfect! Sending good thoughts your way!

  5. I have confidence you will make your knitting work for this wedding. I have confidence in you, Carole. All shall be well….

  6. The socks are beautiful! And I’m sending all the good juju your way as well but…will be the voice that says…if it’s not done everything will still be perfect. I promise.

  7. That first sock is pretty already … and I’m sure the sweater is going to be Just Fine, too! Forward progress only!

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