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Three On Thursday

Today I’m going to post an answer to a question that Kym asked back when I wrote that Ask Me Anything Post. If you are reading Kym’s blog this week, you know that she is asking questions of us every day . . . so it just feels right that I should answer her question to me this week, too.

Her question was: what is your biggest pet peeve. I’ve thought about this a lot and, as it turns out, I’ve identified three.

  1. Having someone tailgate me. It irks me to no end and, frankly, makes me slow down even more. Listen. I’m a good driver and I (mostly) obey the speed limit. When I’m not obeying the speed limit it’s because I’m going over it, not under it. So if you’re tailgating me . . . back off.
  2. Rewinding live television. Dale does this all.the.time when he’s watching the news and it drives me crazy. First of all, it’s the news and whatever story they are sharing they will probably share again in about 10 minutes. And second of all, just don’t. Really.
  3. Using the expression making memories. I see this a lot on social media and it just feels . . . fake to me. Like, are you doing this because you want to do it and it’s fun OR are you doing it because it’s special or cool and you want to show it off? I think it’s much better to just . . . live your life. There are highs and lows that you are going to remember no matter what and you don’t need to share them on social media to make that happen.

So. Those are my 3 biggest pet peeves. I hope I didn’t offend any of you! Honestly, the truth is I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about any of these things.

The only thing that really burns my ass is a flame about 3 feet high. (Thanks to Miss Mona, played by Dolly Parton, for that one.)

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  1. Everyone has their hot buttons. I would have put money on some sort of grammar issue or boorish book behavior for you. Just goes to show you never know. But tailgating is pretty annoying.

  2. I am nodding to these things. (True confessions… Although I don’t “rewind” live tv… I do ask Steve frequently, what did they just say? It makes him insane, lol)

  3. I agree with you on all three! It’s especially tragic to see so many people decide to spend their time based on what social media’s reactions will be.

  4. Thing is, you could have written about *anything* here and it’d have been fantastic, because I just love the voice in your writing. (And I’m a Dolly fan.)

  5. I have similar pet peeves. In my family, the phrase making memories is used as a euphemism to describe how an event turns out to be anything but fun.

  6. #makingmemories
    That one does really bug me, too. (Live your life. . . the memories will just show up.)
    (Have I ever told you about my new neighbor who turns out to be a “mommy Instagram star” wannabe? Now THAT is really something to watch from over the hedge. Talk about #makingmemories. . . . )

  7. Laughing a bit here because there is something about the TV remote that brings out silly behavior. I actually don’t know how to use the remote on the big TV but it does seem to have magic powers.

  8. Hah! I also ask Doug to rewind on occasion and he is NOT a fan! 🙂 And the tailgaters! That will probably be how I die in a road rage event…slowing down to torture them!

  9. “Making memories” irks me too. Sadly, these people are so busy with the “making” that they miss out on the experience itself.

  10. TAILGATING. My husband’s biggest pet peeve. And, one that he, in my opinion, perpetrates endlessly. The rule of thumb I was taught- one car length per 10 miles/hour. You won’t get to the beach any faster (two lane road) by staying on the tail of the car in front, dear…

    Our new Pathfinder slows you down if you’re on cruise control, to keep distance between you and the car in front. The first time that happened, he didn’t realize he was only going 64 in a 70 zone. It was quite funny!

    As to my pet peeves–

    Being repeatedly interrupted with someone finishing my sentences.

    Disrespect of my personel body space in public (though this happens much less frequently since COVID).

    Smoking (cigarettes, or weed) outside your townhouse so the smoke doesn’t make it smell inside, thus making me run around closing windows so it doesn’t make my house reek. (Rented apartment while we build.) Or smoking (or leaving a lit cigarette) right outside the only entrance to the store where I’d like to go inside to pay for my gas…

    Thanks for letting us gripe!

  11. Sorry, I’m guilty of rewinding the news on occasion, but only the national nightly news, where I know nothing will be repeated. My family has a bad habit of talking to me when I’m clearly trying to listen to something. But I’m with you on the tailgating. That’s just obnoxious.

  12. Tailgating… crappy driving altogether, really! And, oh, it’s so bad out there… don’t get me started! 😉

    I don’t rewind live TV very often, but I will pause it if someone/-thing interrupts me! (It’s not too common because I don’t watch a lot of live TV.)

    Last year I had a guest in the Airbnb who did a TikTok video of her stay… it was all about her, not me/my listing, though!! Makin’ those memories…

  13. That’s a great list! #1 and #3 would be on mine, too (I can’t remember the last time I even watched Live TV?) and I’d add folks who are late. always, habitually, for no good reason.

  14. One thing that really bugs me is folks who coast through stop signs; it’s been happening a lot around here lately, even in the school zone.

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