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Just Popping In

Friends. I didn’t mean to be absent from the blog for this long. In a nutshell, Iceland was incredible, the wedding was perfect, we came home the middle of last week, I worked for 2 days, and now we are on our annual Cape Cod vacation.

So. I owe you a more detailed recap of all of that. Okay, not owe, I want to tell you about all of that. But I also want to relax and enjoy this time on the Cape with my people and that means I probably won’t blog this week, either.

In the meantime, here are a couple of wedding day photos to hold you over.

The finished sweater and socks!
Hannah on her way to the first look with her groom.

The bride and groom . . . the observant among you will spy the Something Blue socks.

I’ll be back before you know it!

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  1. I loved seeing your IG Iceland photos so I can wait a little longer for the recap. 🙂 Enjoy your time on the Cape!

  2. Well done, you! Back to back vacations almost make life feel….normal. Have an amazing time at the Cape (and gosh, I am so hoping there are not buckets of rain falling on you!).

    Hannah looks gorgeous… what a beautiful bride she was!

  3. I loved seeing the photos of Iceland and the wedding on IG — looks like a magnificent time was had by all! I hope you’re all settled and out of the way of Henri this week (or at least as much as you can be).

  4. I loved following along on Instagram – it looked perfect and I’m glad to hear it was! Enjoy your time on VACATION this week and I look forward to catching up when you’re back!

  5. So glad you’re able to rest and reground on Cape Cod this week! You’ve had a whirlwind of an August, and now you can just soak in that beach time. ENJOY! XO

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