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Three On Thursday

I know it feels like the world is a dumpster fire these days and I certainly don’t want to minimize that . . . but . . . I could use a laugh right about now. And if you could, too, then scroll on down and check out these 3 memes.

For all the kids going back to school:

For those of us trying to plan dinner night after night:

And for those of us who believe in science:

I hope these made you laugh!

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  1. So true, #1, but you are obviously too young to know that! If only I could get away with #2! And #3, LOL! Thanks for the smiles, Carole.

  2. Dinner! It seems like I just made dinner last night (and all the nights before that) and John will be expecting something to appear in the kitchen again tonight. The third one made me laugh out loud. Thanks, Carole!

  3. Laughter is what gets us through rough times . . . and good times, too. I’m kind of dying over the pencil sharpener . . . because YEP. There used to be nothing like a well-timed stroll to the old pencil sharpener! 😀

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