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Jackie Is 4!

I would be remiss if I let this week pass by without telling you that our little grandson Jackie turned 4 on Monday.

I asked Jessica for a good, recent picture of him and she sent me this one. I think it captures him perfectly! He’s sweet and smart and determined. He loves his family, playing with cars, and being outdoors. Today he’s starting a weekly preschool art class that we all think he will love. He’s brought us so much joy for the last 4 years and we are an incredibly lucky family to have him in our bunch.

Happy Birthday, little bug, Nana loves you so much!

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  1. Jackie looks like such a sweet (and grown-up) little boy! I hope you all enjoy this year together, with much joy, happiness, fun, and love!

  2. Well, he is just the cutest little man I have seen in a long while. Happy Birthday, Jackie!

  3. What a great picture. Shows his sweetness and his fiestiness!! (sp?)
    I know you will give him an extra hug from all of us who follow his time with Nana and Papa!!

  4. How can that little peanut already be FOUR?????? He is such a sweetheart. It’s been so fun to see him grow up on your blog. XOXO

  5. Happy Birthday Jackie! Wow, 4. Time does fly. My little great niece will be 4 in February.

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